How To Sharpen Your Nails

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How To Sharpen Your Nails
How To Sharpen Your Nails

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Hands can be called the hallmark of every person, because they are always in sight. The beauty of the hands primarily depends on the appearance of the nails. To keep your nails healthy, they need to be filed correctly.

How to sharpen your nails
How to sharpen your nails


Step 1

Before filing marigolds, you need to wash and dry your hands. Then, if there is dirt underneath the nail plates, clean it out. If you want to shorten the length, then it would be better to first cut off the free edges with special tweezers or nail scissors. Now you can start directly creating the form. The nails should be cut straight so that there are sharp edges on the sides. Only after such a haircut can you give them any shape.

Step 2

Then you need to make sure that your file is still usable. To do this, make it just a few smooth ones along the nail and see if it gives them the desired shape. If you did not see this, then it needs to be replaced. Having picked up a nail file in such a simple way, sit in a comfortable position for yourself. Preferably with your hands on the table. Now you can start filing your nails.

Step 3

When processing nail plates, it is recommended to make movements with a file only in one direction. For example, only from right to left, or, conversely, only from left to right. This should be done because the structure of the nail includes vertical fibers. If you make chaotic movements with a file "back and forth", then you run the risk of swinging these fibers, and microcracks may also appear. It is these microcracks that are the main reason for the fragility and fragility of nails.

Step 4

You don't have to literally try to cut a nail. Make smooth movements. Move the file in the direction in which the nail grows. Namely, from the corners to the center. File the edge very carefully until the desired shape appears. Keep the file straight if you want a square shape. If it is oval, then wrap a little at the corners of the nail plate.

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