How To Make Beautiful Nail Art

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How To Make Beautiful Nail Art
How To Make Beautiful Nail Art

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Any woman puts a certain meaning in the beauty of her nails. For some, gorgeous well-groomed nails are a symbol of sexuality, for others - a unique opportunity to seduce a man, for others - an opportunity to assert themselves and a way of self-expression. In any case, women's hands should always be beautiful, and thanks to modern technology, a woman can change the design of her nails every day, or even several times a day. This is due to the color, shape and trendy patterns.

How to make beautiful nail art
How to make beautiful nail art


Step 1

Let's pay attention to this method of applying patterns on nails, which is based on the weaving technique. It will take literally 2 hours to master the basics of this technique. Of course, the drawings may not work out right away. However, don't be upset. Just be patient and go for it!

Step 2

It is necessary to purchase a small needle, as well as several varnishes of various colors. The consistency of the varnish should not be liquid.

The weaving technique is based on three main stages:

Step 3

1. Application of the base for the picture (base varnish).2. Application of colored stripes and dots to the base with their further interweaving using a needle (important: you need to work quickly so that the varnishes do not have time to dry). 3. Application of a fixing varnish to the drawing.

Step 4

Here are several options for a pattern made using the weaving technique. 1. Drawing "Twig". A varnish is applied to the nail (for example, white). Without letting it dry, you need to drop a few drops of green on top of it. Until the varnish has time to dry, we draw a needle directly over these drops, as if "pulling" the twigs.

Step 5

2. Figure "Eight". A varnish of any color is applied to the nail. With a small needle, you need to draw small dots, supposedly enveloping the nail. Such dots can be of more than one color. By means of circular movements, using a needle, we connect the existing points to each other.

Step 6

3. Drawing "Peony". Apply the base to the nail. In the center of the nail we put a small yellow dot, around it - several dots of a different color (crimson or scarlet). Put two green dots in the upper and lower parts of the "circle". Their size should be slightly larger than other points. We intertwine all the points.

Step 7

4. Drawing "Zigzag". This pattern is based on a two-color design. The ideal option is black and white, which must be intertwined.

Step 8

5. Drawing "New Year". Apply a base varnish to the nail. Draw an elongated green triangle. At the top of this triangle, put a small red dot.

Step 9

6. Drawing "Cobweb". Apply the base to the nail. In the center of the nail we put two drops (for example, yellow and black). The drops must be applied on top of each other. We draw a line from the center of the upper drop, trying to stretch the cobweb. A small dot must be applied to the central part of such a cobweb. Its color should match the color of the edges of the cobweb.

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