How To Paint Your Toenails

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How To Paint Your Toenails
How To Paint Your Toenails

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Some women often ask themselves the question: "Should I paint their toenails?" Of course, this is a matter of taste. But it should be borne in mind that the nails covered with varnish look more well-groomed. It is not necessary to use bright colors for this, you just need to do a pedicure and cover your nails with colorless varnish.

How to paint your toenails
How to paint your toenails


Step 1

First you need to do a pedicure. A pedicure is not a luxury, but a necessity that allows you to preserve the beauty and youth of your feet. To do this, pour warm water into a bath, add an emollient to it. It can be baking soda or any special foot bath product.

Step 2

Soak your feet in water for 5-10 minutes, blot each foot with a terry towel. Then clean the heels with a fine-grained pumice stone or a pedicure brush with stiff bristles. In this case, the hardened areas of the skin should be removed gradually. Do not use a razor blade or iron brush for this - these methods are very harmful to the skin.

Step 3

Rub cuticle softener into each nail. Move the softened skin (to the base of the nail plate) with an orange stick and carefully cut it off. Dry skin around nails will not beautify a pedicure.

Step 4

Trim your nails in a straight line without cutting corners. File them with a nail file, giving them a semicircular shape. For an even application of varnish, polish each nail with a buffing buff. Lubricate your feet with emollient cream. The varnish can now be applied.

Step 5

Apply a base coat and let it dry. It will prolong the life of your pedicure, protect and align the nail plate.

Step 6

Take a bottle of nail polish. Shake it to mix. Apply as much product to the brush as needed to cover one nail.

Step 7

Paint over the nail from the middle to the end, and then from the end to the base. Then gently blend the polish on the right and left. Let the product dry.

Step 8

Apply a second coat of nail polish in the same way. Let it dry.

Step 9

Apply fixer over the varnish. It will give the coating shine, durability and beauty. If you suddenly touch the skin around the nail with varnish, then do not despair. Take a correcting pencil (soak it in nail polish remover beforehand) and remove the blots along the contour.

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