How To Apply Rhinestones To Your Nails

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How To Apply Rhinestones To Your Nails
How To Apply Rhinestones To Your Nails

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Manicure is the hallmark of a woman. Therefore, hands must be well-groomed and beautiful. There are many options for decorating nails, but their decoration with rhinestones is gaining more and more popularity. You can do such a manicure yourself.

How to apply rhinestones to your nails
How to apply rhinestones to your nails

It is necessary

  • - rhinestones;
  • - glue for rhinestones;
  • - toothpicks;
  • - thin tweezers;
  • - brush for nail art.


Step 1

Prepare your nails. Brush thoroughly, shape your nails and sand them down. If your manicure has been damaged and your nails are peeling, do procedures to strengthen them.

Step 2

Before making a nail design using rhinestones, think over a drawing or a design composition. Choose a shade of varnish. For more effect, combine the decoration with rhinestones with a pattern on the nails made with a brush.

Step 3

Cover the prepared nails with varnish of the desired color. Then, with a toothpick or needle, transfer the decoration to the nail plate. Do this as quickly as possible so that the varnish does not dry out and the rhinestones adhere well. Make sure that the varnish does not smudge.

Step 4

You can also glue rhinestones with special glue, so the decoration will last longer. Using a fine nail art brush, leave small droplets of glue on the nail plate. Apply the dotted line from the adhesive along the line of the intended pattern. Do everything carefully so that the glue does not spread. There is one piece of jewelry for each drop.

Step 5

Use fine tweezers to place the rhinestones over the beads of glue. If you are more comfortable using a toothpick, remember to soak the tip in water. To grip the rhinestone, press the end of the toothpick against the jewelry and transfer it to the nail.

Step 6

Press the rhinestones to the nail and wait a little - the varnish should dry out. Then cover the decorated nail with a colorless product or special fixer. Wait until dry again.

Step 7

For a trendy French manicure, apply golden, silver or clear rhinestones to the tips of your nails. Use a needle or toothpick to apply and make sure that the rhinestones are the same size, stack them along the "smile line".

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