How To Do Gel Nail Extension

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How To Do Gel Nail Extension
How To Do Gel Nail Extension

Video: How To Do Gel Nail Extension

Video: How To Do Gel Nail Extension
Video: Hard Gel Nail Extensions: Step by Step How-To Tutorial 2023, December

Despite the fact that the fashionable boom in nail extension is over, this procedure is still in great demand. After all, today you can make beautiful and neat nails that will look quite natural. The best option is gel nail extension.

How to do gel nail extension
How to do gel nail extension

It is necessary

  • - ultraviolet lamp;
  • - a set of grinding files;
  • - dehydrator;
  • - adhesive coating;
  • - top coating;
  • - gel for building.


Step 1

Purchase the necessary preparations and tools for gel extension. If you do not plan to do this professionally, the best option would be a ready-made set of one of the professional brands. It must include an adhesive base and the gel itself. For home use, multiphase gels are produced that perform several functions at once. In this case, you do not have to use any additional funds.

Step 2

Get a manicure with a roller and cuticle. Gel nail extension should be started only if the nail plate is prepared. Do dry manicure to avoid steaming or softening your nails.

Step 3

File off the top layer of the nail. To build up with gel, strong cutting is not required: go over the surface of the nail with a special file several times. Then carefully sand the plate to a perfect smoothness to ensure optimal gel adhesion.

Step 4

Degrease the surface of the nail. To do this, you can use alcohol, nail polish remover, but it is best to purchase a special dehydrator.

Step 5

Apply an adhesive primer gel (bonder) to a previously degreased nail. It will provide protection for the natural nail and enhance the subsequent adhesion to the gel mass.

Step 6

Apply the modeling gel and quickly shape it. To do this, you can use any tool convenient for you - a hard brush or a spatula. Place the nail under a UV lamp for 2-3 minutes to fully harden the gel. After that, you can start processing it with a sanding file. Shape your nail as naturally as possible, but be careful not to file off too much gel.

Step 7

Apply a top coat that will not only set the gel, but also give it an extra shine.