How To Treat Your Nails

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How To Treat Your Nails
How To Treat Your Nails
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Manicure can be a simple and even enjoyable procedure if you understand a few rules, following which you will achieve an almost professional result at home, and your hands and nails will always look amazingly well-groomed.

A manicure can be a simple and even enjoyable procedure
A manicure can be a simple and even enjoyable procedure


Step 1

Start your manicure with a relaxing and healthy sea salt bath with a few drops of aromatic essential oil. For example, sweet orange or grapefruit oil relaxes, improves mood, and also refreshes the skin for a healthy complexion. In order to prepare such a bath, you will need a small container, a couple of cups of very warm (but not hot! Hot water destroys nails) water, two tablespoons of coarse sea salt and two or three drops of essential oil. Dip your hands in the bath and relax for 10 minutes - during this time, sea salt will strengthen the nails, and the water will soften the skin around the cuticle. Your hands will be ready for the manicure.

Step 2

Now let's take care of the skin that surrounds the nail and protects its root. This thin skin is called the cuticle. Unfortunately. it tends to grow unnecessarily, which gives the hands a sloppy and unkempt look. The cuticle should be pushed back with a stick about once a week. You should not cut the cuticle - as this is fraught with microinflammation and subsequent coarsening and increased skin growth. Rub a drop of saturated nourishing cream or warmed apricot oil into the cuticle, massage for about a minute and arm yourself with an orange tree stick. The stick should be perfectly clean and new, and the cuticle should be pushed back carefully and carefully. Make sure to nourish and moisturize during the week, and remember to regularly apply hand cream or olive oil (preferably warm) with lemon juice.

Step 3

Now you can go directly to the nails. The first step is to give them shape. Slightly elongated nails with a rounded tip will go to short fingers, and long and thin ones - short nails with a neat tip of a natural shape or also slightly rounded. In no case should you cut your nails with scissors. Thus, their structure is disturbed and the legs begin to exfoliate. Choose a file of medium hardness, be sure to clean and new, and gently process your nails with strokes (in one direction).

Step 4

Now it remains to cover the nails with varnish. Before this procedure, remove the remnants of the cream or oil with a napkin, this is necessary so that the varnish lays down evenly and holds for a long time. To prevent nails from turning yellow under the influence of colored varnish, you should apply one layer of base (you can add calcium or diamond dust). Let the layer dry thoroughly and start painting your nails with your favorite shade of varnish. If you prefer to apply multiple coats, you should definitely wait until the previous one dries.

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