How To Make Varnish

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How To Make Varnish
How To Make Varnish

Video: How To Make Varnish

Video: How To Make Varnish

Today you can choose from hundreds of different shades of nail polish, but what if you are still not satisfied with the available paint palette? Or do you want your nails to be painted in a unique color? Or does it just seem inappropriate for you to pay a lot of money for a bottle of the shade you need - what if it doesn't suit you? Try to create your own nail polish - it's that easy!

How to make varnish
How to make varnish

It is necessary

  • Plastic folder or envelope
  • Eyeshadow, blush, cosmetic pigments
  • Clear or light nail polish


Step 1

Of course, you won't be able to create a varnish "from scratch". There are too many chemical components in this product. For example, nitrocellulose. This creates a uniform film on the surface of the nail and ensures the adhesion of the varnish to the nail plate. But getting the color you want is easy!

Step 2

Cut a corner from a plastic folder or envelope. Make a funnel out of it by cutting off the "nose".

Step 3

You can add color to the varnish with the help of cosmetic pigments or, which is much cheaper, by grinding the remains of eyeshadow or blush into powder. You can even specially buy bright and cheap cosmetics to apply shadows and blush to the skin, we are not interested in their high quality.

Step 4

Open a bottle of clear or light colored varnish. Place your homemade funnel carefully into the neck.

Step 5

Add dye.

Remove the funnel.

Step 6

Cap the bottle and shake vigorously until the pigments or powder dissolves and color the varnish.

Step 7

If necessary, correct the shade by repeating the procedure and adding more paint or pigments of a different color.

Step 8

You can also add any number of glitters of various shapes and sizes to your polish. The main thing is that they can be poured through the neck of the bottle.