How To Build Up A French Gel

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How To Build Up A French Gel
How To Build Up A French Gel

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There are several technologies for gel nail extension. And the choice of technology will depend on what the nails will be built on (tips or shapes). Depending on your choice, the procedure can take from an hour to several hours (especially if it is done by a beginner).

How to build up a French gel
How to build up a French gel


Step 1

So, the recipe for the first technology will contain information about nail extension with gel on tips. That is, the so-called single-phase technology will be described. First, the technician needs to disinfect both his and the client's hands. Then you need to move the cuticle (for example, using orange sticks) or remove it. It is recommended to remove gloss from natural nails with a file only 180-240 grit (the measure of grit is an indicator of the hardness of the file). Remove the dust, and then cut the tips to the desired length, remove the gloss from them. Be sure to cover natural nails with a degreaser, apply a primer a little later. Wait until it dries and glue the tips. Then you can apply a thin layer of one-phase modeling gel on the surface of the entire nail, dry it in an ultraviolet lamp. Now it's time to apply the modeling gel, form an artificial nail. Dry your nails in the lamp again. Remove the sticky layer after drying with a special product. The final shape of artificial nails can be given by filing them with a file with a hardness of 150 grit. Repeat the procedure for applying the modeling gel (at the end, dry it again). Finally, massage the cuticles with oil (lavender, peach or any other).

Step 2

The following technology describes the procedure for building gel nails onto forms. You can repeat a few basic points from the first recipe: disinfect the client's hands (and yours too), remove the cuticles, remove the gloss from natural nails, trim the tips to the desired length, file them. Don't forget to apply a degreaser and primer to each nail. Dry your nails. Then follow other steps: apply a thin layer of base gel to the entire nail and cure it in a UV lamp. After that, you need to use a modeling gel, also dry your nails in a lamp.

Step 3

If necessary, the procedure for applying the modeling gel can be repeated. As already mentioned, the stickiness from artificial nails can be removed with a special liquid. Nails should be filed with a file of approximately 150 grit. By the way, the difference between this extension technology lies in the fact that at the end of the procedure, a final gel is necessarily applied to the nails (it is also called a UV-sealer or a finish gel) and the nails are dried in a lamp. Don't forget to massage your cuticles.

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