How To Lengthen Short Nails

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How To Lengthen Short Nails
How To Lengthen Short Nails

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Short nails are at the height of fashion today. However, a plate that is too small and wide can cause a lot of grief to its owner. Fingers with such nails look "childish", and the manicure is not particularly beautiful. The problem can be corrected without growing your nails - your efforts will be crowned with success in a few months.

How to lengthen short nails
How to lengthen short nails

It is necessary

  • - cuticle oil;
  • - a set of orange sticks;
  • - hard hand towel;
  • - hand cream;
  • - nail clippers;
  • - nail polish;
  • - glossy top coat.


Step 1

To make the fingers look longer, and the nails to become narrower and more graceful, you will have to work hard. Your task is to lengthen the plate not by increasing the free edge, but by visually lengthening the bed. This is not easy to achieve - nail polishing should become a habit, turn into a daily routine.

Step 2

After washing your hands, dry your fingers thoroughly with a hard towel while pushing back the cuticle with force. Skin softened by hot water is very pliable. After this treatment, lubricate your fingers with cream, again pushing back the cuticle. Do not use tools - towels and your own hands are sufficient. Rub each finger by grasping it and pushing the skin down firmly. Repeat this mini-massage after each hand washing - the whole procedure will not take you no more than 2 minutes.

Step 3

Before going to bed, massage again and lubricate the cuticle and the area around it with special oil. You can do it yourself by dropping an essential extract of sweet orange into castor or olive oil. Rub in the emulsion thoroughly until completely absorbed. This procedure will make the cuticle more elastic and pliable.

Step 4

Pay special attention to your weekly manicure. Push the softened cuticle as far as possible with an orange tree stick. Shape the nail line by making it square or almond-shaped. Be careful not to injure your fingers. Cut off excess skin with sharp nippers or nail scissors. Rub a greasy cream into your skin and massage thoroughly until absorbed.

Step 5

Use a glass or ceramic file to shape your nails. To make the plate appear longer and narrower, cut off the sides, keeping the tool straight or slightly at an angle. Do not polish your nails - this weakens them. Better cover the plate with a leveling colorless base.

Step 6

Dark glossy varnish visually lengthens the nails. Cover the plate with it, leaving narrow stripes on the sides. On top, apply one or two layers of a glossy top - it will give the manicure a shine. To make the dark varnish look perfect, it will have to be renewed every two to three days.

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