How To Strengthen Your Nails With Gel

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How To Strengthen Your Nails With Gel
How To Strengthen Your Nails With Gel

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Lack of vitamins and calcium first of all affects the condition of the nails. They become brittle and thin, and may also flake off. One way to solve this problem is to strengthen your nails with gel. The gel is absolutely harmless to nails, and the procedure for applying it to nails is simple to perform and takes about 25-35 minutes.

How to strengthen your nails with gel
How to strengthen your nails with gel

It is necessary

  • - manicure set
  • - a set of nail files
  • - means for disinfecting nails
  • - primer
  • - ultraviolet lamp
  • - gel
  • - gel brush
  • - liquid for removing the sticky layer


Step 1

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Dry your hands with a towel and let them dry again. Move back the cuticle on each nail using a special wooden stick (it will be better if the stick is made from an orange tree). Remember that if you don't push back the cuticle well, it can lead to early gel detachment.

Step 2

Remove the shine from each nail using a special file, moving it in one direction. Remove sawdust and dust from each nail with a special brush.

Step 3

Treat the nails of both hands with a special product to degrease and remove moisture from the nails. This technique is used to prevent gel detachment from occurring. If the nail is affected by any infection, then it will be possible to strengthen your nails with gel after a full recovery.

Step 4

Gently apply the primer to the entire surface of each nail on one and the other hand, being careful not to touch the cuticle and skin around the nail. A primer is a liquid that provides maximum adhesion of the nail extension gel to the nail plate.

Step 5

Place one hand under a special UV lamp and dry your nails. Do the same with the other hand.

Step 6

Spread the gel in a thin layer over the entire surface of the nail plate of both hands, starting from the center of the nail and ending with its edges. Apply the gel exactly to the nail, if the gel gets on the cuticle or the skin around the nail, the material may peel off.

Step 7

Dry the gel on the nails of one hand using an ultraviolet lamp. Repeat the procedure with the nails of the other hand.

Step 8

Saturate the foam with a special liquid to remove the sticky residue and remove the sticky layer of gel from your fingernails. With this treatment, the nail should be perfectly smooth.

Step 9

Wash your hands and dry them thoroughly. Apply special oil to the cuticles and massage them.

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