How To Draw A Beautiful Pattern On The Nails

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How To Draw A Beautiful Pattern On The Nails
How To Draw A Beautiful Pattern On The Nails

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Nails decorated with drawings can look catchy and extravagant or gentle and touching - it all depends on the chosen ornament. Sometimes one finger with a masterful painting looks more impressive than both hands covered with intricate ornaments. To make artistic manicure look beautiful, think over the idea of ​​execution in advance and practice on paper. Take the time to prepare and the result will not disappoint you.

How to draw a beautiful pattern on the nails
How to draw a beautiful pattern on the nails

It is necessary

  • - nailfile;
  • - polishing bar;
  • - protective base;
  • - top cover;
  • - set of brushes;
  • - palette;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - varnish;
  • - sparkles, rhinestones.


Step 1

Choose a suitable pattern. Think over the background, the combination of colors and patterns. A simple ornament like polka dots, checkers or stripes should be the same on all fingers. But a complex painting can be different. For example, depicting roses, draw a bouquet on one nail, and one bud with leaves on the others.

Step 2

Prepare the necessary materials. Complex drawings are easier to perform with acrylic paints, stripes, dots and stains can be depicted using varnishes. Buy a set of brushes - round and flat, and a palette for mixing colors. If you are planning to decorate a French manicure or draw straight lines and arcs, stock up on stickers and paper tape.

Step 3

Prepare your nails carefully. From an uneven plate, the pattern will chip off in a few hours. Shape your nails with a cardboard or glass file, remove the cuticles and polish the surface with a sanding bar. Cover the plate with two layers of leveling base and dry them.

Step 4

Start painting. First, apply a background to your nails. The easiest way is to paint with bright colors on pastel shades. Choose a neutral beige, cream or white color. Very beautiful drawings can be painted over the classic French manicure, playing with the contrast between the shades of the nail plate and the free edge.

Step 5

Try drawing a bouquet of flowers. Squeeze some paint in two shades onto the palette - for example, purple and white. On a flat brush, type both shades in turn and, moving it in a wave-like fashion, depict five rounded petals - the base of the future flower.

Step 6

Draw two more layers of petals inside the first, superimposing them one on top of the other and taking a new batch of paint for each. Draw the branches of the flower with a thin round brush dipped in green paint. Draw the leaves in two shades - dark green and yellow. Concentrate the ornament in the center of the nail - this will make it look neater.

Step 7

Dry the drawing. To decorate, add some silvery glitter, applying with an almost dry brush, dotted strokes. A bead or rhinestone can be attached to the center of the flower with a drop of varnish. After drying, cover the painting with a layer of protective coating - it will protect the drawing from chips.

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