How To Sculpt On Nails

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How To Sculpt On Nails
How To Sculpt On Nails

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Sculpting nails with acrylic is a very popular type of nail art. Usually 1-2 fingers on the hand are decorated with acrylic modeling in combination with French manicure and transparent varnish. With the help of acrylic, you can create voluminous and flat shapes: butterflies, flowers and various curls.

When you start sculpting, keep the finished image in your head
When you start sculpting, keep the finished image in your head


Step 1

With the help of a brush, acrylic is given clear contours and the desired shape. This can be done both on the nail itself, forming a three-dimensional drawing right in front of the amazed client's eyes, or by creating individual elements in advance on special forms. In the second case, the task of the master is reduced to fixing the finished colors and other elements on the nail with special glue. This method takes much less time than modeling directly on the nail, but the process loses the charm of creativity. Whichever method you use, you need to learn how to make the main element of acrylic sculpting a flower using the example of a daffodil.

Step 2

Pre-apply a clear acrylic base to the nail. Then use a brush to paint a ball of yellow acrylic of the desired color for the first petal. Form it in the shape of a drop with a sharp end towards the future center of the flower. Wait until the drop turns dull. Give the ball the shape of a petal by flattening the "drop", pressing the brush more firmly in the center. Make 3 petals in total. Try not to use too much liquid, otherwise it will be very difficult to sculpt.

Step 3

Put a smaller ball in the center of the flower, and with a thin brush from the center start to form the middle. To add depth, take a small ball of a more vibrant yellow-orange color and distribute it over the center of the daffodil's inner skirt.

Step 4

Modeling of leaves. Place a light green ball under the flower, and while it is glossy, stretch it down towards the nail bed. Let it dry a little and begin to form the ribbed surface of the long sheet. Focus on the picture of the daffodil to give its leaves a recognizable shape.

Step 5

After the modeling is finished, curls are drawn with a very thin brush, and rhinestones are pasted on if desired. Then a gel or a thin layer of transparent acrylic is applied to the entire drawing, which will make the whole composition more durable.

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