How To Start Building Your Nails

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How To Start Building Your Nails
How To Start Building Your Nails

Video: How To Start Building Your Nails

Video: How To Start Building Your Nails
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Extension of nails is a complicated procedure. The master needs to be extremely careful and scrupulous so that the client's hands after extension look beautiful and neat. At first glance, it seems that growing nails is simple and easy. In fact, this procedure includes many components that are important for every specialist to know and follow.

How to start building your nails
How to start building your nails


Step 1

First of all, learn the rules of personal hygiene and hand hygiene of the client. This will prevent infections from occurring after the build-up. Feel free to ask the visitor to wash their hands with soap and water before the procedure, and then be sure to wipe them with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. In addition, there should be a clean napkin on the work table to wipe your hands, and a special brush to shake off dust after filing your nails. At the end of the procedure, be sure to rinse the brushes and tools, disinfect them with special lamps or alcohol.

Step 2

Carefully study the rules of health and safety in the workplace, especially if you are going to extend nails to strangers. The room must be constantly ventilated, well lit, all chemical liquids must be tightly closed. Remember, customer safety comes first.

Step 3

Study the structure and physiology of nails, this will allow you to better navigate during the extension, because you can immediately recognize possible diseases of the hands or nails and politely refuse the client so as not to infect others. It will also allow you to choose the correct shape of the extended nail, and during the procedure, not to touch the important parts of the nail plate.

Step 4

Get to know the materials used in the nail extension process. They all have a different structure, different bonding time with the nail and perform their specific functions. Find out which material is the safest and most convenient to use, of higher quality and more resistant to external influences. At the first stage, it is important to master exactly the extension technique, both with the help of gel and with the help of acrylic. The use of tips and french extensions also have their own characteristics that every master needs to know.

Step 5

Look on the Internet for videos of different methods of nail extension. As a rule, it shows a clear procedure for actions, the use of special means and equipment, answers to various questions are given. Rewrite the extension technique on a separate sheet, learn it, or hang the sheet as a hint above your desk.

Step 6

But it's best to sign up for a special nail extension course. There you will pass the obligatory instruction and learn the techniques. And the instructor will explain your possible mistakes during extension, teach you different technologies for nail design, drawing and decorating.