How To Lengthen The Nail Plate

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How To Lengthen The Nail Plate
How To Lengthen The Nail Plate

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The need to lengthen the nail plate can be caused by several reasons - your legs are naturally short, they are small and it is troublesome to apply any manicure on them. Also, the nails may be small due to trauma or biting.

How to lengthen the nail plate
How to lengthen the nail plate

It is necessary

  • - gel or acrylic;
  • - flax, silk or fiberglass, with the help of which the restoration of the nail plate is carried out;
  • - a special form for nails;
  • - tips;
  • - brush;
  • - polishing tools.


Step 1

How you will lengthen the nail plate depends on its condition - the nail may have a free tip, it may be broken or bit off before reaching the limits of the finger. In any case, in order to build up nails, it is necessary to fill the free edge with material, that is, the empty space between your own nail and the artificial plate.

Step 2

Connect the edges of the artificial nail with the natural one. Place a mold under your finger, attach an artificial plate on top and determine the gap between the tips of the extended nails and the natural base. The hole in the shape of a smile will be the shape needed to lengthen.

Step 3

Disguise the natural nail plate. To hide the transition line of a natural nail into an artificial canvas, it is necessary to fill the plate with an opaque material. Mix several products for modeling and, having obtained the composition of the desired color, apply it to the nail. Cover the “smile” space with the same material, and cover the artificial canvas with a transparent gel.

Step 4

The second option for modeling is a simple build-up of the missing length of the nail based on the shape. The difference in the length of the nail plate, the edges of which should be brushed, creating a new line. The entire length of the plate is modeled on top of the restoration.

Step 5

Extend your nail with nail tips. Choose a tip of the desired shape, attach it to the nail, cut it to the desired length and glue it with glue or acrylic. Cover the structure with a transparent modeling material.

Step 6

File down the surface. To equalize the transition between the natural nail plate and the artificial one, treat the surface of the nail with a file. First, correct the length of the nail by filing the edges, and then move to the surface, equalizing the thickness. The surface cuts are made from the sides, parallel to the cuticle.

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