How To Dilute Thickened Nail Polish

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How To Dilute Thickened Nail Polish
How To Dilute Thickened Nail Polish

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Your favorite varnish has thickened, but there is no way to buy a nail dye of the exact same color. What to do? To dilute the thickened varnish is the only possible way in this case to return it to its previous state. And this is quite real! So, take note of a few tips on how and with what to dilute it.

How to dilute thickened nail polish
How to dilute thickened nail polish

Why does the varnish thicken and how to deal with it?

No matter how good and high-quality your varnish is, how much money is paid for it, sooner or later it will begin to thicken and become unusable. This is explained by the fact that the liquid that is part of the varnish begins to gradually evaporate from the bubble. In fact, a high-quality product differs from a simple and cheap one primarily in that it thickens more slowly.

The period of relative stability for varnishes can be different: some brands thicken after 1-1.5 months, while others retain their liquid consistency for a long time - up to 4-6 months.

There are various options for thinning the thickened varnish. But you can try to slow down this process so that later you do not resort to such methods. To do this, you need to store the jars of varnish in a cool and dark place. They can also be kept in the refrigerator.

It is good if there are metal balls in the varnish bottle. Due to periodic shaking, such balls are able to "break" the clots formed during the storage of decorative varnish. This means you can keep it liquid longer.

How to rehabilitate thickened varnish?

But what if the varnish has already thickened? How and how can it be diluted? Alternatively, you can use a special varnish thinner. It can be purchased at any beauty salon. The only drawback of this tool is that the service life of such a diluent is no more than one month. After this time, the varnish will begin to thicken again.

To dilute the nail polish, just add a few drops of the diluent to the varnish bottle, and then shake well.

There are other options for how to dilute thickened varnish. There is one old method that was popular back in Soviet times. It consists in adding a little acetone to the bottle.

Thanks to this, the varnish really becomes suitable for manicure, but the resulting consistency can harm your nail plate: after applying a decorative coating, the nail will begin to turn yellow, exfoliate, and deteriorate badly. In addition, thickened varnish diluted in this way will have a heterogeneous, rough structure and will not last long on your nails.

Regular nail polish remover, even if it does not contain acetone, is also not suitable for diluting nail polish. After all, the action of such a liquid is aimed only at destroying its structure. This is why you shouldn't experiment with acetone or nail polish removers.

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