How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

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How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer
How To Make Nail Polish Last Longer

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Freshly applied nail polish gives your nails a well-groomed look. However, sometimes the manicure begins to peel off after a few hours. In order for the coating to last as long as possible, and the varnish does not require restoration, master a few simple rules for choosing and applying enamel, as well as processing nails.

How to make nail polish last longer
How to make nail polish last longer

How to choose a good varnish

The durability of the varnish depends on its texture. For the longest time on the nails, varnishes with glitter - sequins of various sizes - stay on. Such a remedy is fixed for a week or more, keeping without chips and scratches. Sand varnishes, which include the smallest particles, which give the manicure an interesting texture, are also distinguished by their persistence. Long-lasting varnishes with a craquelure effect - if applied correctly, they can last up to two weeks.

When applying glitter polish, keep in mind that it can be tricky to wash off.

Classic enamels and matt varnishes are moderately durable. Look for varnishes with good pigmentation that can be applied in two coats. Pearlescent products are more durable than their counterparts. Very dark enamels last for a long time, but every scratch is visible on them. Light colors are easier to apply - small chips or scuffs on such a manicure will be less noticeable.

Preparing nails

In order for the varnish to lie flat and hold for a long time, it is necessary to properly prepare the plates. File them gently, making your nails the same shape and length. Remove the cuticle with a special liquid or carefully cut it off with nippers. The varnish applied over the cuticle will chip off.

Smooth the surface of the nails with a polishing bar. It will remove waves, peeling particles and other irregularities, making the plates perfectly smooth. Do not process your nails for too long or they will thin out.

An obligatory step is the application of a protective base. Cover too soft nails with a base with calcium, and ribbed ones with a leveling base. It is better to apply the base in two layers, drying each one thoroughly.

Features of coloring

Before coating, turn over the bottle of varnish and twirl it between your palms - the product will mix and become homogeneous. If you want to use glitter varnish, turn the bottle upside down beforehand - the settled particles will move closer to the neck.

Do not use thickened varnish - it will lie sloppy and peel off quickly. Dilute the enamel with a few drops of special liquid.

Pick up the polish on the brush and apply it to the nail in three strokes. Place the brush closer to the base of the nail, then push it towards the cuticle and draw a line to the tip of your finger. Repeat the procedure, painting over the sides of the plate. Dry the varnish thoroughly before applying the second coat. After finishing staining, dip the brush into the bottle, wipe it on the neck and paint over the end of the nail, as if sealing it. This simple trick will extend the life of your manicure.

Finish the manicure with a shiny top with a drying effect. Apply a thick layer to each nail from cuticle to tip. Let the top dry. Do not dry the varnish with a hairdryer - this will make the coating fragile.

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