How To Strengthen And Grow Nails

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How To Strengthen And Grow Nails
How To Strengthen And Grow Nails

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Dull and brittle nails can ruin your mood for a long time. If the appearance of your nails leaves a lot to be desired, it's time to start treatments to strengthen and grow them. And in a couple of weeks you can admire your strong and long nails.

How to strengthen and grow nails
How to strengthen and grow nails


Step 1

Analyze your diet. Quite often, nail problems indicate that the body lacks important vitamins and minerals. Avoid rigid diets. Eat foods rich in vitamins A, B, calcium, iodine, and iron every day. These substances contribute to the growth and strengthening of nails. Take a multivitamin.

Step 2

Wear rubber gloves when doing household chores. The fact is that the chemicals that make up most detergents have an extremely negative effect on nails. They are capable of slowing growth and making them thin and flaky.

Step 3

Use the correct manicure tools. Files should be made of glass or plastic. Metallic ones are capable of disrupting the structure of the nail.

Step 4

Use only high quality nail cosmetics. Apply special growth varnish three to four times a week. Do not forget to lubricate your nails with a nourishing cream at night.

Step 5

Moisturize the skin around your nails regularly. If the cuticle is dry and cracked, it will grow slowly. Use special moisturizing creams and cuticle oils. For nail polish remover, use products that do not contain acetone. It dries out nail platinum a lot and irritates the cuticle.

Step 6

Shape the nail into the correct shape. If you have thin, often breaking nails, cut them short, but not to the root. File your nails into a semi-circular shape. Then they will not cling to clothes or break by accident.

Step 7

Give your nails a break from nail polish at least twice a week. The varnish does not allow the nail plate to breathe, which causes the nail to become thinner and break.

Step 8

Do the baths for the growth and strengthening of nails at least twice a week. For brittle nails, baths of warm olive oil with the addition of a few drops of liquid vitamin A and lemon juice are useful. For nail growth, bathe in warm saline and a teaspoon of iodine. By the way, sea salt is healthier than regular table salt.

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