How To Learn How To Design On Nails

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How To Learn How To Design On Nails
How To Learn How To Design On Nails

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In stores, you can find a huge assortment of all kinds of nail polishes with a wide variety of effects. However, this is not enough for real craftswomen. They want their own, individual and unique manicure. How do I get it? Master the techniques of nail design.

How to learn how to design on nails
How to learn how to design on nails

It is necessary

  • - nail varnishes of different colors;
  • - leveling base;
  • - glossy top coat;
  • - ready-made stickers;
  • - glitter varnish;
  • - stamps;
  • - decorative pearls.


Step 1

Before you start creating, be sure to do a manicure - with your own hands or in the salon. The unusual design will draw attention to the hands - therefore, their condition must be impeccable. File your nails, remove cuticles and polish the surface thoroughly. For a smoother finish, cover it with a leveling base - this way the manicure will keep its beautiful look longer.

Step 2

Get ready-made motifs for decorating your manicure. They will be very helpful if you do not know how to draw or are afraid that you will not be able to repeat the pattern you like on several fingers. On sale there are mini-stickers in the form of various figures, openwork and shiny overlays, special stamps for creating a variety of patterns. Do not buy everything in a row - choose a couple of interesting options, embody them in your hands. If you like the result, you can think about expanding the collection.

Step 3

Cover your nails with two coats of pistachio green or mint enamel. Dry them and use a thin brush to draw random arcs intersecting at the top of the nail. Use gold glitter and French manicure onlays to create straight lines. Cover the design with a top with a drying effect, and attach a decorative sticker in the form of a lemon circle to the intersection of the arcs. You will get a very beautiful summer manicure.

Step 4

For special occasions, use pearls and rhinestones. Do not attach them to light varnish - it looks boring. Cover your nails with dark cherry or crimson enamel in two or three coats. Ideally, if the varnish contains small glitter - this will add volume and depth to the manicure. Apply a layer of glitter top coat to nails. Glue 4-5 pearls on the little finger of your left hand, and 5-6 more pearls on the ring finger of your right hand. Such a manicure looks very impressive, moreover, it is simple to perform.

Step 5

Use special stamps for everyday manicure. The drawing can be done with paints or ordinary varnish in a contrasting color. Cover your nails with white enamel and dry them well. Apply black varnish to the drawing attached to the stamp, remove the excess with a scraper. Quickly place the stamp pad on the drawing and transfer it to the nail. There are a variety of motives on sale - flowers, butterflies, abstract patterns that can be used to cover the entire nail or only part of it. Apply a shiny top on top - they will give the manicure a gloss and fix the pattern.

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