How To Use The Pedicure Machine

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How To Use The Pedicure Machine
How To Use The Pedicure Machine

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Very often, the quality of a pedicure depends on the tools and machines used. The tools are: nail files for various purposes, scissors of various sizes and shapes, pumice, tweezers, nippers and a pedicure machine, the choice of which is not so easy today.

How to use the pedicure machine
How to use the pedicure machine


Step 1

The foot is conventionally divided into two areas. It is better not to use the machine on the softer part of the outer side of the feet, but the place with rough skin (heel, inner part and outer corner of the thumb) is just suitable for machining. It is worth noting that there are several rules for using a pedicure machine.

Step 2

To begin with, take the device in your hand so that it is comfortable for you, and the handle of the tool does not slip. All fingers should grip the machine, but the big one should remain free - it will act as a regulator of the degree of pressure, as well as set the direction of movement.

Step 3

Place the blades of the machine on the area of ​​the foot to be treated and begin to move from top to bottom. The instrument should be perpendicular to the skin surface. Do not press too hard, use light to moderate movements.

Step 4

When cleaning your heels, target rough areas of skin around the edges. Never use the blade from the center of your heel. If you tackle your toes, then remember that most often calluses form on the little fingers or on the outer corners of the thumbs, so gently slide the blade along these places. You do not need to go deeper, as you can damage and cut your skin. Thus, remove only the protruding part of the callus with the blade.

Step 5

Often cracks form on the legs, which subsequently give complications. They appear due to dry skin and inadequate foot care. It is worth remembering that the wounds with a pedicure machine can only be touched superficially so as not to harm the dermis. In this case, it is important to use septic tanks.

Step 6

After all areas of the foot have been machined, it is advisable to complete the process with a sanding spatula, which will help to completely remove dead skin cells.

Step 7

When choosing a pedicure machine, pay attention to the blade - it should not be blunt. Manufacturers often save on components, so it makes sense to select the blades separately. They are of two types: disposable and reusable.

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