How To Dilute Nail Polish

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How To Dilute Nail Polish
How To Dilute Nail Polish

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Dried or even hardened nail polish is very common. This varnish is thick, dense and viscous. It covers the nail unevenly, leaves streaks. It can be very offensive when there is still a lot of varnish, but it is impossible to paint their nails beautifully.

Nail polish
Nail polish

It is necessary

Nail polish, nail polish remover, acetone


Step 1

The varnish contains a special liquid that evaporates every time the lid is unscrewed. Because of this, even the highest quality varnish thickens over time. For decorative varnishes of different companies, the period of stability is different: some varnishes thicken in a month or a month and a half, while others retain an excellent consistency for 4-6 months.

Step 2

If there are special metal balls in a jar of varnish, their periodic shaking helps to maintain a liquid consistency. The balls are able to break up the clots that form when the nail polish is stored for a long time.

Step 3

There is a special liquid for thinning nail polish. It is produced by firms specializing in professional cosmetics for the care of nails and hands. Using the liquid is very simple: add a couple of drops to the bottle of varnish, screw the cap back on and shake it. This thinner extends the life of the thickened varnish by one month. After this, the thickening process resumes. If you add the solvent again, the structure of the varnish will change and it will no longer be possible to use it.

Step 4

Of course, nail polish can be thinned with acetone or nail polish remover. But keep in mind that almost immediately the varnish changes its structure because of this. After a couple of days, it will become heterogeneous, and when applied, it will peel off strongly from the nail plate. This is due to the fact that nail polish remover contains substances that destroy this varnish. Therefore, this method of diluting the varnish is only suitable if it is necessary to make a manicure with a colored coating, and there is no other varnish available.

Step 5

Please note that if you dilute the varnish with acetone, the color of the varnish will cease to be bright and saturated. Therefore, do not dilute the varnish with too much of the substance. And as a result of prolonged use of varnish diluted with acetone, be prepared for such consequences as yellowing of nails, brittleness, delamination and growth retardation of the nail plates, loss of the natural shine of the nail surface.

Step 6

To extend the life of your nail polish, store it in the refrigerator or in a dark drawer. It is important to remove the varnish away from direct sunlight. Do not place the bottle next to a radiator or other heating device. At high temperatures, the liquid from the varnish evaporates faster, and the varnish dries soon. Keep varnishes upright. If the bottle is lying, the varnish constantly flows back and forth in it. Tighten the varnish cap carefully after use.

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