Does Shellac Spoil Your Nails

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Does Shellac Spoil Your Nails
Does Shellac Spoil Your Nails

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Shellac is gradually replacing the usual nail extension. Therefore, many women are interested in whether the procedure will harm the health of the nails. To find out whether the shellac procedure is harmful or not, you should carefully consider all the pros and cons.


Cons of shellac

The shellac procedure is possible only in a professional salon. Therefore, the result largely depends on the professionalism of the master. You should choose nail salons that provide guarantees for the provision of qualified services.

Among the disadvantages of shellac can be noted the high cost. Periodically, the shape of the nail has to be corrected, which also costs a decent amount. Manicure is especially expensive if your nails are growing quickly.

Despite the manufacturer's guarantees, shellac does not tolerate sudden changes in temperature. The harm of shellac for nails can manifest itself, for example, when washing dishes. Under the influence of hot water, the nail expands and then begins to narrow.

Such deformations lead to the appearance of microcracks, through which pathogenic bacteria easily penetrate to the base of the nail. Since the shellac is quite strong on the nails, the bacteria will have enough time to reproduce. Thus, applying shellac increases the risk of nail diseases, including fungus.

Benefits of applying shellac

In fact, the opinion that shellac spoils nails is wrong. The procedure itself is completely harmless. You just need to carefully monitor the condition of the nails and not expose them to sudden changes in temperature. By the way, if you keep your own body and apartment clean, the nail fungus will not be scary.

The shellac procedure is equally indicated for both short and long nails. The product and the method of its application have a positive effect on the condition of thin nails and significantly reduce their fragility. In addition, a woman gets the opportunity to easily grow nails of the desired length, since shellac protects them from cracking and brittleness.

The coating is removed with the help of special tools, therefore, you can not be afraid of using household chemicals. She will not be able to damage the shellac in any way. Without prejudice to the appearance, the coating stays on the nails for up to 3 weeks.

Another advantage of shellac is its bright shine, which does not become less pronounced over time. Also pleased with the varied palette of colors that you can use to decorate your marigolds.

Shellac does not contain hazardous substances such as formaldehyde. On the contrary, in its production, substances are used that sparingly affect the nail plate. Therefore, even pregnant women can perform the procedure without fear.

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