How To Trim Your Nails Correctly

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How To Trim Your Nails Correctly
How To Trim Your Nails Correctly
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Someone's nails are naturally long and grow well, while others do the opposite. Some people cut their nails long enough so that they do not interfere with everyday activities, while others have to cut barely grown nails because it looks ugly. It is not enough just to cut nails. They must be cut correctly so that they do not break or exfoliate.

How to trim your nails correctly
How to trim your nails correctly


Step 1

First, understand that in no case should you cut your nails with ordinary scissors. The fact is that after cutting the nails with scissors (no matter how modern they are), cracks form. And this is the right way to peel nails. If you still cut your nails with scissors, give it up - it will not lead to anything good.

Step 2

It is best to use nail clippers and a nail file. In this case, it is advisable (but not necessary) to get nippers to fit the width of your nails. Moreover, these two tools can be quite successfully combined. You can simply file your nails with a nail file or use nippers and then a file to shape your nails into an even, rounded shape.

Step 3

Nippers are a special device that is quite convenient for cutting nails. The pliers are available in different widths so you can customize your tool. However, you still need to know how to use the wire cutters. Do not trim the entire nail. Depending on the shape of the nail, you can first capture its lateral sides, and then the middle or only the middle. Just do not overdo it with a grip, so that a crack does not go on the nail or it does not break at all from pressure.

Step 4

It is also better to choose a file individually. If you use an overly coarse file, you also run the risk of splitting your nails over time. When working with abrasive saws, remember that they can only cut in one direction. The best nail files are made of glass. They are preferred by masters of manicure.

Step 5

The length of the nail should first be cut with nippers, and then sawdust. If the length of the nail is short, you can use only one file.

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