How To Cut Your Toenails Correctly

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How To Cut Your Toenails Correctly
How To Cut Your Toenails Correctly

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You don't have to go to a salon to get a pedicure. You can independently remove the keratinized skin of the legs, treat it with cream and, of course, give the correct length and shape to the nails. Toenail trims have some special features. To process them, you will need cutting tools - scissors, tweezers or nippers.

How to cut your toenails correctly
How to cut your toenails correctly

It is necessary

  • - foot bath additives;
  • - nippers, scissors or tongs;
  • - nailfile;
  • - polishing bar.


Step 1

Choose the right tools. For cutting toenails, straight cut nippers made of high quality steel are best suited. They cut the nail in one motion, without delaminating or breaking it off. Children can use nail scissors to trim their nails, or sharp-tipped tweezers to trim irregular, irregular plates. Do not use low-quality tools - they can injure your skin and nails.

Step 2

Toenails should be trimmed at least twice a month. To soften the plates, and the pedicure is painless and accurate, make a foot bath. Add shower gel and essential oils to warm water to soften and deodorize the skin. Special emulsions for maceration, which can be purchased in specialized stores, are also suitable. Look for products with sea salt, herbal extracts, algae, or other beneficial supplements. Take 5-7 minutes for a foot bath.

Step 3

Pat dry your skin with a towel and start trimming your nails. Keep the nippers parallel to the cuticle line and cut the plate in a straight line without rounding the tips. This shape will prevent nails from growing into the skin.

Step 4

Leave a free edge of half a millimeter - this is enough to protect your fingers from injury. Do not cut your nails to the root - there is a high risk of damaging the skin. Do not leave too wide a free edge - long nails will break off.

Step 5

To make your fingers look pretty, line up your nails, making them the same length. When finished, file off the free edge with a ceramic or glass file. Keep the file straight and perpendicular to the edge of the nail for a straight line. Do not use a metal file, it is too coarse and can damage the plates.

Step 6

If your nails have grown into your skin, try cutting slightly down the middle. As it grows together, the plate will begin to contract towards the center, freeing the skin. Do not try to penetrate under the nail - this can cause inflammation and damage the plate. Ridged and uneven nails can be sanded with a special bar to restore their smoothness and healthy color.

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