How To Make Your Nails Hard

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How To Make Your Nails Hard
How To Make Your Nails Hard

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Well-groomed hands with beautiful nails and good manicure are, perhaps, every woman's dream. But the harmful effects of the environment and detergents, as well as a lack of vitamins and poor hand care are doing their job - the nails become dry, thin and brittle. So how do you make your nails hard and strong at home?

How to make your nails hard
How to make your nails hard

It is necessary

  • - an egg;
  • - honey;
  • - olive oil;
  • - nutritious cream;
  • - sea salt;
  • - lemon juice;
  • - lemon.


Step 1

A healthy and healthy diet is the first step towards your beauty. This rule applies not only to the skin, but also to the nails, especially if they constantly break and exfoliate, become thin and soft. This suggests that your body needs high-quality vitamin nutrition. Foods rich in iodine, calcium and biotin will help you fill the lack of vitamins. You can buy a complex of vitamins at the pharmacy, designed to strengthen nails and hair.

Step 2

The honey bath will help restore healthy looking and strong nails to your nails. To prepare it, you need a chicken egg, which should be beaten thoroughly. Add one teaspoon of honey and two teaspoons of olive oil. Heat the mixture slightly in a water bath to prevent the egg from curdling. Dip your fingertips into the warm mixture. After ten minutes, remove any residue from your nails and apply a nourishing cream.

Step 3

Sea salt baths, applied for ten days, will make your nails strong and firm. Dissolve a tablespoon of sea salt in half a liter of warm water, dip your fingers into a container and hold for twenty minutes. After the salt bath, blot your nails with a soft napkin and grease your hands with a greasy cream, massage the base of the nail plate especially well.

Step 4

Take a tablespoon of olive oil and heat it in a water bath (so as not to lose its beneficial properties), add a few drops of fresh lemon juice. Apply the prepared nutrient mixture to your nails and massage well. Then put on cotton gloves and leave the compress overnight. This procedure is recommended to be carried out twice a week.

Step 5

Massage has a very beneficial effect on nails. To do this, you need lemon zest, which should be guided over your nails with gentle movements from top to bottom. After this procedure, rub a small amount of oil or moisturizer into the nail plates and cuticles. A good finger massage will help increase blood circulation and blood circulation. Remove the remaining cream with a soft cloth. You can cut a lemon in half and dip your fingers into the pulp for five minutes. Vitamin C in lemon is good for nails and the skin around them.

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