How To Treat Nails With Folk Remedies

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How To Treat Nails With Folk Remedies
How To Treat Nails With Folk Remedies

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Hands and feet with beautiful and healthy nails look attractive and well-groomed. If the nails are far from ideal, exfoliate, break or are affected by a fungus, they can be cured with folk remedies.

How to treat nails with folk remedies
How to treat nails with folk remedies


Step 1

Strengthen fragile fingernails with an oil bath with lemon juice. Mix 1 tbsp. olive oil with 0.5 tsp. lemon juice, dip your fingers into this mixture so that it completely covers the nail plates. The procedure should last at least 15 minutes. Pure lemon juice strengthens the nails well; it must be rubbed into the nail bed. Sea salt baths will also help keep your nails in excellent condition, 2 tablespoons Dissolve the salt in a liter of warm water and hold your hands in it for 30 minutes. Then they need to be wiped dry and greased with a nourishing cream.

Step 2

Massage your hands to improve circulation. Thanks to this simple procedure, the condition of the nails will be much improved. Start the massage with stroking movements, work your way from nails to wrist, working each finger carefully. Repeat stroking several times, gradually increasing the pressure.

Step 3

Use folk recipes to treat nail fungus. Steam your fingers in hot water, dry them thoroughly with a towel. Use a clean, sanitized file to scrape off any portions of the nail that have begun to flake off. Place a drop of tea tree oil on the treated nail and rub in for a few minutes. Treat damaged nails with oil at night and fix a soft bandage on them; if fingernails are affected, wear thin cloth gloves. The procedure must be repeated until a healthy nail grows back. Birch tar also helps to get rid of the fungus, you need to lubricate the nails with a small amount of tar, fix polyethylene on them, and a soft bandage on top. This procedure is best done at night.

Step 4

Pay attention to nutrition if your nails are constantly breaking, thinning, and yellow. You can restore beauty and strength to your nails by eating foods that contain gelatin. A large amount of this substance is found in jellied dishes, jelly, jellied meat.

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