How To Reshape Nails

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How To Reshape Nails
How To Reshape Nails

Video: How To Reshape Nails

Video: How To Reshape Nails
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Not every woman is happy with the shape of her nail plates. Trying to remedy the situation, many ladies prefer to change the shape of their nails by extension, but this is far from the only way to make nails beautiful and give them a well-groomed look.

How to reshape nails
How to reshape nails


Step 1

If your nail bed is too wide, go for an oval, oval-square or almond shape. In order to change the shape of the nail, making it more rounded, you should grow the nails to a medium length and file them gently, smoothly rounding the corners. When covering the nail plates with decorative varnish, you should not fill the entire space of the nail, you need to leave unpainted stripes around the edges, this will visually lengthen the shape.

Step 2

If you want to change the shape of square nails, then you should not apply transverse decorative patterns on them. Use vertical lines to visually lengthen the shape of the nail plates. If you prefer a French manicure, then it is best to choose a jacket with strongly tightened edges ("smile"), this will lengthen your nails and give them an elegant look.

Step 3

With a triangular shape of the nails, their free part must be filed so that it looks oval. The nail plate should be trimmed in width and slightly narrowed. When covering such nails with varnish, it is better to highlight the part that is located closer to the free edge with a light color. This technique will help to change the triangular shape, giving the nail plates a harmonious look. You can also apply a vertical decorative pattern to your nails.

Step 4

If your nails are too round, do not use a polka dot pattern, and do not focus on the middle of the nail. To visually lengthen the shape of the nail plate, you should focus on the outer edge, in particular, you can decorate it with a pattern.

Step 5

Small nails with a small surface should be grown to the maximum acceptable length. If you want to change their shape, you can also resort to the extension procedure. Remember that the overgrown part should not exceed the size of the nail plate, otherwise you can get the opposite effect, and the nails will look unnatural and rough.

Step 6

If you have long fingers and, at the same time, the nail bed is too elongated, you can change its appearance by opting for a classic jacket with a straight edge. Do not make your nails too long, otherwise your hands will look disproportionate and not too aesthetically pleasing.

Step 7

If your nail plates are rectangular, and you like more rounded nails, then the situation can be corrected by rounding the tips when performing a manicure. Remove sharp edges and apply the varnish in a dense, even layer. With a rectangular shape, do not use bright shades of varnish, it is better to opt for neutral, slightly muted colors, but you can choose any pattern.