How To Learn Nail Extension From Books

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How To Learn Nail Extension From Books
How To Learn Nail Extension From Books

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The most accessible way to get information about nail extension are books and special magazines. You can buy them in a store or find and download them on the Internet. Learning to build nails from books is not so difficult, you just need to strictly follow the instructions.

How to learn nail extension from books
How to learn nail extension from books


Step 1

Read magazines on this topic. It takes one year to buy or subscribe a useful and pleasant publication to collect enough information about nail extension. There are many illustrations in the magazines to help you better understand what has been written. Such publications will be excellent visual aids.

Step 2

Explore books on ethnic painting. With practice, such patterns and ornaments can be painted on nails with acrylic paints. Each nation has its own style of images, having studied some of them, you can create an original and very beautiful manicure.

Step 3

Take a look at the technique of drawing ornaments to better understand how exactly to create a picture. Cover the resulting pattern with a colorless varnish so as not to accidentally damage or smear the paint. Read books on manicure and nail extension in particular.

Step 4

Books contain more specific information than magazines. Pay attention to the publications dedicated to evening manicure. From the books you will learn a lot of new things that will significantly increase your professional skill and improve the quality of your manicure.

Step 5

Explore books that describe different nail designs. You will learn many new ideas that you can implement in the future. You may also find books on nail care useful. Extensions spoil them a lot and therefore you need to know how to reduce damage and heal your nails.

Step 6

Manicure will look the most successful and good only on healthy nails. Look for books that describe designs and styles for different seasons. Read publications on the care of extended nails in different shapes and lengths.

Step 7

For beginners, books are suitable, which are presented in the form of lessons, master classes or courses. Take a look at various e-books and magazines. There are a lot of such publications, from each you can choose something new and useful.

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