Modern Methods Of Nail Extension

Modern Methods Of Nail Extension
Modern Methods Of Nail Extension

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Beautiful and well-groomed nails are part of the feminine image. Currently, manicurists own several methods and types of nail extension. This article describes the basic techniques.

Modern methods of nail extension
Modern methods of nail extension

It so happens that it is difficult to grow your own nails, because they are too brittle, or there are any defects on them. In this case, nail extension methods come to the aid of women.

Before going to the master for nail extension, you should decide which method and type of nail extension to use. In modern cosmetology, the following methods of nail extension are used: on tips and on forms. The extension of nails on tips is based on attaching plastic plates to the nail - tips with special glue.

The shape and size of tips are different, which allows you to choose them individually for each nail. They also vary in color, they are transparent and white. In some cases, there may be colored tips. After the tipsa sticks to the natural nail, its length and shape are formed, then acrylic or gel material is applied to the entire length. After polymerization of the material, a decorative pattern is applied to the nail at the request of the client.

Another way is to build nails on forms. Forms can be disposable paper or reusable metal. These forms are attached under the free edge of the nail, then the material is laid out on them. After it dries, the shape is removed, and the extended nail is given the desired shape and length. After polishing, a pattern is applied to the nails and fixed.

The most modern way of nail extension is using liquid tips. This method consists in the fact that a gel is poured into a reusable mold, it is applied 2/3 to a natural nail. Gel tips polymerize under an ultraviolet lamp for about two or three minutes. After that, the reusable form is removed, then the nail is filed and sanded. Moreover, it is the fastest way to extend your nails.

The types of nail extensions differ depending on the material used. Acrylic coating is based on a mixture of acrylic powder and liquid - a special liquid. In the case of using acrylic for nail extension, the skill of the master is of particular importance, since the material should be applied very quickly. Acrylic mixture tends to dry quickly.

Acrylic nails have the advantage of being particularly durable. With proper care, they can last up to four weeks. In addition, they look quite natural. The main disadvantage of this material is an unpleasant odor during the nail extension procedure, because the mixture contains many chemical acids that come into contact with the surface of a natural nail, and this, in turn, can lead to a deterioration in its condition.

Gel, unlike acrylic, is somewhat more environmentally friendly. This method is sometimes called resinous, because 60% of the nail gel is made from pine resin. It lets air through itself, moisture and natural marigolds do not deteriorate. Acid-free gels are used in modern cosmetology. After applying such a gel to the nail, it must be dried under an ultraviolet lamp. The advantages of gel nails include their beauty, as well as the fact that, on their basis, you can create designs stunning in their beauty, such as holographic, aquarium effects, as well as decorate nails with rhinestones, crystals and other things.

Drying under an ultraviolet lamp prevents the appearance and development of all kinds of fungal diseases. The disadvantages of the gel include fragility and fragility of nails as a result of sudden temperature changes. Gel nails cannot be corrected; in case of any defect, new nails will have to be built up.It is not recommended to remove such nails at home, as the nail plate can be seriously damaged.

Some manicurists combine acrylic and gel technologies. Biogel nail extension is also quite popular now. Biogel does not contain toxic substances, being practically organic material. However, the disadvantage of this technology is its fragility, biogel nails will last for a maximum of two weeks.

With nail extensions, the condition of the natural nail will begin to deteriorate over time. Therefore, it is recommended to remove artificial nails at least once a year and rest natural nails for one month. In addition, extended nails are susceptible to the effects of sea water, therefore, when going on vacation in the summer, you can rest your nails as well.

It is best not to do nail extensions at home. This work is quite difficult and requires special skills, so it is best to trust a specialist.

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