How To Grow Healthy Nails

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How To Grow Healthy Nails
How To Grow Healthy Nails

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Nails should not only be beautiful, but also healthy. In order to maintain their health, learn to care for them properly. Caring for healthy nails involves not only regular cosmetic procedures, but also a balanced diet.

How to grow healthy nails
How to grow healthy nails

It is necessary

  • - diet;
  • - cosmetics.


Step 1

Squeeze out the lemon juice (1 tablespoon), brush it over the nail. It is known that it helps to strengthen the nail plate and maintain its elasticity. Perform this procedure daily. Vitamin E, almond oil, or nail creams can be used for the same purposes.

Step 2

Use sea salt baths. Every day for at least 20 minutes. Add essential oils and other beneficial elements for effectiveness.

Step 3

Take medications and foods that contain calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Be sure to eat milk, cottage cheese, sour cream, eggs, cheese, black bread, cabbage, fish. Particular attention should be paid to the correct diet in winter and spring, when the body needs support.

Step 4

Avoid using low-quality nail cosmetics. Cheap nail polish removers can negatively affect the nail plate, destroying it. When choosing products, make sure that they are free of chlorine.

Step 5

Monitor your emotional state. Stress and bad mood can do no less harm to your beauty than various diseases. Think positively, learn to enjoy life.

Step 6

Monitor the external condition of the nail. If you notice that the nail is too large, has a yellow tint, breaks, or has a ribbed surface, you should consult a doctor. All these signs are symptoms of various abnormalities in the metabolism, the restoration of which must be carried out in consultation with a specialist.

Step 7

Be sure to take care of your nails with special tools (nail scissors, nail file, polishing tools). Do not forget to moisturize your nails before the procedure, because they can exfoliate from rough mechanical stress. To do this, hold them under running hot water or lower them into a specially prepared bath.

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