How To Make Beautiful Nail Designs

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How To Make Beautiful Nail Designs
How To Make Beautiful Nail Designs

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Nail design is one of the most demanded services in beauty salons. But, unfortunately, there are not always enough funds to take advantage of it. However, you can try to make beautiful nail designs at home.

How to make beautiful nail designs
How to make beautiful nail designs

It is necessary

  • - brushes of different thickness;
  • - stencils;
  • - small tweezers with flat ends;
  • - nail polishes;
  • - rhinestones, pearls, nail stickers;
  • - nail polish remover;
  • - a fixer that fixes the pattern.


Step 1

To apply varnish and patterns on nails, special tools and devices are used, which can be easily purchased in stores with professional equipment for beauty salons.

Step 2

For painting on nails, brushes are usually used, often very thin. You can paint both on liquid varnish, but in this case there is a danger of mixing colors, and on dried one. To get started, practice on a regular sheet of paper. Draw the boundaries of your nail on it and try to draw a simple drawing. Happened? Then go for it.

Step 3

The pattern on the nails can also be done using a regular sewing needle. Apply a thick layer of varnish to the nail and, without waiting for drying, drop a few drops of a different color. Using a needle, give the drops some shape. You can use the thin side of the needle to draw small details, and the side with the eyelet for larger details.

Step 4

An unexpected, but no less popular way to design nails is a drawing made using adhesive tape. Stick the tape on the glass, cut out a pattern or ornament you have invented with a clerical knife and place a homemade stencil on the already prepared base, completely dried varnish. Fill the free space with varnish of a different color. Peel off the stencil carefully. Wait for the polish to dry completely and open the nails with a layer of fixer.

Step 5

Nails can be painted with gel pens. Stationery stores offer a very wide selection of these writing supplies. It is better to use pens with a metallic sheen - the gel in them is more oily, and lays on the base in an even layer. Secure the drawing with transparent varnish.

Step 6

Nails can be decorated with various rhinestones, pearls, acrylic modeling. The main thing is that the drawing does not look cumbersome. If you do not have a special artistic talent, then you can simply glue beautiful stickers, and then cover the nail with a fixative.

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