How To Learn How To Build Gel Nails

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How To Learn How To Build Gel Nails
How To Learn How To Build Gel Nails

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Every girl dreams of beautiful and well-groomed hands. Manicure plays an important role in their beauty. Therefore, many women strive to learn how to build their nails on their own. After all, these can be worn for 3-4 weeks! So how to learn how to build gel nails?

How to learn how to build gel nails
How to learn how to build gel nails

It is necessary

Files of various hardness, a set of gels (sculptural, colored and fixing), primer, shapes, ultraviolet lamp


Step 1

First of all, it is necessary to competently prepare the nail plates. This stage is considered the most important. Do not apply nourishing creams to your hands a couple of days before building up. Failure to do so may cause the material to peel off. Hands should be degreased immediately before the procedure. This can be done with regular rubbing alcohol. Then, using a file for natural nails, you need to remove the shiny layer. But don't overdo it! Otherwise, when drying in the lamp, you will experience a burning sensation. Then use a fluffy brush to remove dust particles. Apply a primer or any other product used to increase adhesion to the nail plates. Let it dry completely.

Step 2

Now you can move on to another, no less serious procedure. Get special nail extension molds. Clip them onto your finger. It is very important that they hold up well. The forms should serve as a continuation of your own nail. Only in this case, the extended nails will look natural.

Step 3

Now place a medium drop of structured clear gel on the brush. Apply it to your natural nail, and also lay out its continuation on the form. It is very important to implement the correct architecture. To prevent the whole structure from breaking during the wear process, it is necessary to make the thickest section in the center of the segment connecting the edges of the "smile line". The cuticle should have the thinnest layer of gel. In addition, it is necessary that the gel does not reach the cuticle and skin by a few hundredths of a millimeter. If it is laid out close, then after a few days air layers will form in this place, which will lead to delamination of the extended nail. Dry the first layer of gel under an ultraviolet lamp for two minutes.

Step 4

Now you can apply drawings. The design can be made with colored gels, as well as with acrylic paints, with which you can make three-dimensional drawings. After the pictures are ready, apply a thin layer of fixing gel and dry it under an ultraviolet lamp.

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