How To Use Nail Stickers

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How To Use Nail Stickers
How To Use Nail Stickers

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The assortment of nail stickers is very wide - from one-color matte to multi-colored, with a shiny volumetric decor. The choice of this or that option depends not only on your preferences. When buying a nail decoration, consider the situation in which you will use it.

How to use nail stickers
How to use nail stickers


Step 1

Any nail decor should fit in with the style of your outfit and be appropriate. Therefore, first determine in what situation you will appear in front of people with a similar manicure. Think about the color scheme of your clothes, how restrained or rich decorations your style will be. If you are going to a business meeting or are wearing clothes made of fabric with a bright print and large earrings, a bright manicure is unlikely to be appropriate. This is where French manicure decals come in handy - they are applied to the tip of the nail with a neutral base coat.

Step 2

By size, nail stickers can be divided into 2 types - those that cover the entire nail and stickers that are a small pattern. The option that covers the entire nail plate can be monochrome or be a transparent or colored background with a printed pattern. And those, and other stickers will save you a lot of time. Choose one-color without a pattern ("dry varnish") so as not to waste time creating an even finish with regular varnish. The base with a transparent backing will allow you to quickly and easily create the effect of the finest painting on your nails.

Step 3

For a more daring style, check out zebra or leopard print decals and reptile skin decals. In addition, volumetric elements of the picture will create an additional decorative effect. These stickers are sold under the name 3D or "beaded". On the latter, the drawing is lined with small multi-colored beads.

Step 4

There are three ways to apply stickers to your nails. The so-called dry varnish must be removed from the paper base with tweezers and slightly heated with a hairdryer. When the film begins to curl, attach it to the nail, smooth from the center to the edges, cut off the excess.

Step 5

Adhesive-backed specimens are applied to the dried basecoat. Remove the protective film from the sticker, press it against the nail and straighten it.

Step 6

If you have a decal in front of you, put it in warm water for a few seconds. Then align to the center of the nail and remove the protective paper. Press down gently with a cloth to remove excess water. Cover the nail with a layer of clear nail polish.

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