How To Dry Nail Polish Quickly

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How To Dry Nail Polish Quickly
How To Dry Nail Polish Quickly

There are often situations when you need to urgently dry your nail polish. Naturally, you will not be able to do this as quickly as you would like. Therefore, use improvised or professional tools for quick drying of the varnish.

How to dry nail polish quickly
How to dry nail polish quickly

It is necessary

Container, cold water, ice, hair dryer, vegetable oil, spray or spray for quick drying


Step 1

Make a bath. Pour cold running water into the container, you can also add crushed ice. The lower the water temperature, the faster the varnish will dry. Immerse your fingertips in the liquid and hold for 5-10 minutes. After this time, take your hands out of the water and dry naturally. You don't need to dry your fingers with a towel, as this can ruin your manicure. For the same reason, do not dry the varnish under running water.

Step 2

Take vegetable or olive oil. Apply it in a thin layer on slightly dried varnish. After a few minutes, rinse your hands under cool running water and pat dry. The oil not only helps to quickly dry the decorative varnish, but also effectively nourishes and softens the cuticle.

Step 3

Use a hair dryer to dry the hairspray. Many modern models have a cold air function. Never dry the varnish with a hot air stream. In this case, it will quickly crack, and you will have to redo the manicure. Apply a decorative coat and dry for a few minutes. Then turn on the hair dryer and bring it to the nails at a distance of 10-15 cm.

Step 4

Buy a professional product. This can be a quick-drying varnish or a special spray. Usually they are used in beauty salons. These funds allow not only to quickly dry the decorative coating, but also to give it a special shine. Apply polish to your painted nails and leave on for 3-5 minutes. If you decide to use a spray, remember to spray it at a distance of at least 20-25 cm.

Step 5

In order for the varnish to dry faster, it must be applied correctly. First, degrease the nail plate. Soak a cotton swab in nail polish remover and wipe down each nail. Don't forget about sanding. Such processing makes the nail smooth and allows you to extend the period of the manicure.

Step 6

Place the nail polish in a cool place for several hours. Then you can start your manicure. This is necessary in order for the coating to lay down in a thin layer and dry quickly.

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