Wavy Fingernails: Normal Or Pathological?

Wavy Fingernails: Normal Or Pathological?
Wavy Fingernails: Normal Or Pathological?

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Diseases of human nails are dealt with onychology, which is based on the assessment of the external state of the nail plate. Small or significant deviations from the norm are a symptom of a particular disease.

Wavy fingernails: normal or pathological?
Wavy fingernails: normal or pathological?

The appearance of a healthy nail has a pinkish tint and a slight sheen. As a rule, the structure of the nail is transparent, so the nail bed is visible through it. The most common nail infection is fungus. A fungal infection is a nail pathology in which the color of the plate can be white, yellow, greenish or brown (depending on the type of fungus).

Also, wavy fingernails can appear with non-fungal lesions. Of course, the defeat of nail platinum by various types of microbes can occur in public places (saunas, swimming pools). An experienced doctor in the field of dermatology will help get rid of the unpleasant phenomenon. It is advisable to increase immunity so that the body becomes more resistant to a variety of viruses and bacteria.

With some diseases, the following symptom appears - wavy fingernails. The most common cause is various mechanical injuries. Most often, the thumbnail is affected, since they are most active in the process of human activity. "Waves" can have different parameters (number on the nail, depth of grooves, length). They are most clearly visible when you look at the nail in profile. It should be noted that wavy fingernails are most noticeable when decorative varnish of a bright shade is applied to them.

In some cases, wavy fingernails are caused by improper care of the skin around the nails. For example, deep cutting of the cuticles leads to the fact that the deformation of the nail plate begins. In this case, you need to contact a specialist who will perform a high-quality manicure or pedicure, after which the nail will grow in the correct shape.

The internal state of the body is reflected through various external systems of a person. For example, many diseases of the digestive tract and intestines negatively affect the condition of the skin, hair, teeth and nails. An insufficient amount of minerals, vitamins, oxygen, sleep, etc. also negatively affects.

If the pathology has a cosmetic cause, then it is advisable to carry out weekly procedures to strengthen and nourish the nail plate and the skin around it. For example, the best option is to make various hand baths that soften the plate and give it the correct shape and structure. At the time of treatment, it is recommended to eliminate or reduce the number of contacts in household chemicals (washing powders, detergents), which can prolong the recovery process.

To maintain healthy hair and nails, you need to eat a balanced diet, lead an active lifestyle, monitor the health of the body, take care of all parts of the body (skin, nails, hair). All instruments used for the care of hands and nails must be regularly processed and cleaned, since when a microbe penetrates into small cracks and wounds, an inflammatory process can occur and a serious disease can develop. For the same reason (various nail diseases transmitted through various objects), it is not recommended to visit public hairdressers. In this case, it is necessary to contact a medical institution, where effective treatment will be prescribed.

Thus, constantly monitor the condition of your nails, since many diseases make themselves felt in the early stages, one has only to notice changes in the shade or structure of the nail. This will avoid serious transformations and complications.

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