How To Make An Ombre Manicure

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How To Make An Ombre Manicure
How To Make An Ombre Manicure

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Monochromatic nail polish today will not surprise anyone. Manicurists never stop inventing new techniques. One of these is ombre - this is a multi-tone manicure, which is characterized by a smooth or abrupt transition from one tone to another, and the number of such transitions can vary from two or more. To create it, it is not at all necessary to sign up for a salon, an ombre manicure can be done at home.

How to make an ombre manicure
How to make an ombre manicure

Such a different ombre manicure

There are two types of ombre manicure. The first involves changing the colors of the varnish from the edge of the nail to its tip. It can be a transition from a dark shade to a light one, or a play of contrasts - a transition from one color to a completely opposite one. For example, in the first version - from red to dark burgundy, and in the second - from yellow to deep sea green.

The second technique of ombre manicure is very simple and represents the transition of shades from one nail to another. These can be both contrasting colors and similar shades of the same color scheme. In any case, your nails will not be overlooked. The color gradient looks great on nails of any length, including very short ones.

How to make an ombre on your nails

To create a trendy manicure at home, stock up on bright varnishes of at least two tones of the same gradient so that the transition is subtle. The softer it is, the more harmonious and fashionable your nails will look! You can take pink and orange tones or green and yellow. You will also need a sponge or eye shadow applicator. The second option is more convenient to use. If there is neither one nor the other, you can take the most ordinary dishwashing sponge. Only from it you will have to cut a small piece for the convenience of applying varnish.

To begin with, apply any greasy cream to the area around the nails, so that later you can easily remove the varnish, which will inevitably fall on the periungual area. Cover your nails with a transparent base. After it dries, apply the varnish selected as the main color.

Dampen the sponge a little with water so that it is not so hard. Apply a stripe of base polish to it with a brush and a stripe of a different color next to it. Feather the border of the two colors a little to create a harmonious color transition.

Now the fun begins! With gentle movements, make prints of the varnish from the sponge onto your nails. Moreover, the sponge can be placed both along and across the nail plate. It all depends on your preferences. After each such stamp, immediately cover your nails with clear varnish. It is important! Otherwise, the manicure will not work out smooth, but will be tubercles.

It remains to soak a cotton swab in nail polish remover and remove excess varnish from the skin around the nail. For these purposes, you can use a special corrector. Fashion ombre manicure is ready! It can always be complemented with rhinestones or sparkles.

The good thing about this technique is that you can feel free to experiment with the color scheme. In addition, the varnish on the sponge can be applied not only in strips, but also in rhombuses, zigzags, triangles, and then every time you will get new incredible shapes and combinations. Believe me, you will never get bored with the ombre technique. Each of us has a creative streak, and the creation of such a manicure will be an excellent opportunity to stir up your imagination and, of course, decorate your nails with an exclusive manicure!

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