How To Lengthen The Nail Bed

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How To Lengthen The Nail Bed
How To Lengthen The Nail Bed

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A beautiful long nail bed, oval nails are naturally rare. Acrylic or gel extensions help many women get the nails of their dreams. You will not find any colors and shapes, but the classic French manicure does not go out of fashion. A short nail plate requires lengthening of the bed. This is possible when using special camouflage acrylic powders.

How to lengthen the nail bed
How to lengthen the nail bed


Step 1

Routine preparation of hands and nail plates. Hands wash, dry, prepare the nail plate for the application of acrylic. For this, its surface and free edge are leveled with a coarse-grained file. Then you should degrease the nail and apply a thin layer of primer. After substitution of the forms, a second layer of primer is applied.

Step 2

With a brush, pick up a ball of camouflage powder to match the skin color, saturate it with liquid. The ball is applied to the edge of the nail, crushed and lengthened by the nail bed. It is necessary to act quickly, but carefully, forming a straight line of "smile". To create a smooth transition, a small ball of the same powder is applied to the area near the cuticle and a transition is made with a brush.

Step 3

A white ball is placed on the mold, its end is adjusted to the smile line formed from camouflage. Next, a regular white jacket of the required length and width is formed. Pinkish acrylic, which will cover the nail plate itself, should not be applied in one large ball at once - it will polymerize quickly, and it will not work to form a nail. First, a small ball is applied near the border with white acrylic, smoothed, then one ball is smoothed near the cuticle and another is finally placed on the stress zone of the nail. Be sure to keep an eye on the natural curve of the artificial nail. After drying, the shape of the nail is slightly corrected. The nail is sanded and covered with a transparent varnish.

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