What Color Of Varnish Is Currently In Vogue In

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What Color Of Varnish Is Currently In Vogue In
What Color Of Varnish Is Currently In Vogue In

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Each season, nail polish brands release one or more collections in the trendiest colors. You don't have to buy all the new items. It is enough to know what is in fashion today and, depending on this, select varnishes. This way you will always be in trend without spending extra money on cosmetics.

What color of varnish is currently in vogue in 2017
What color of varnish is currently in vogue in 2017


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Fashion for shades changes depending on the season. 2014 was no exception. In winter, varnishes with glitter were especially relevant; in summer, bright berry tones from orange to deep pink came into fashion. Autumn will be the time for complex mixed colors in a cozy dark range.

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The novelty of the year is the interest in white varnishes. Snow white, silvery and milky shades have appeared in many collections. The varnish can be matte, glossy, containing fine shimmer or mother-of-pearl. White varnish is good in any situation, it suits the skin of different shades, gives the hands a refined and well-groomed look.

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Natural beige shades remain popular. They can have grayish, pinkish or golden nuances. In the fall, more coffee and chocolate tones of different intensities will appear in the collections. Try on espresso or latte polishes, caramel or cocoa with milk.

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Another fashion trend is dark indeterminate shades. "Near-black" varnishes are not popular for the first season, but every year something new is offered. Pay attention to warm dark gray, black-brown, purple tones. The fall collections feature sumptuous wine reds and cherry varnishes perfect for parties.

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Pay attention to the textures. Today, not only classic varnishes are popular, but also products with a matte or sandy effect. Metallics are also in fashion. Bronze and copper were popular in spring and summer; in autumn and winter, special attention should be paid to shiny or matt silver. Iridescent duochroms and colored glitters look very impressive. Such varnishes should not be saved for a party; today it is customary to wear them during the day.

Step 6

Two-tone manicure remains popular. This can be a painting of circles and stripes, a hole highlighted in a contrasting color, or the free edge of the nail. Stylists suggest boldly combining shades, combining orange with green, black with white, blue with pink. Another decor option is a coating with the effect of flakes of different sizes. These varnishes can be combined with pastels or bright colors to create a variety of combinations.

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