What You Need For Nail Design

What You Need For Nail Design
What You Need For Nail Design

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You don't have to pay a lot of money to a manicurist to have beautiful nails. It is enough to have all the necessary tools at hand, and with practice everything will work out.

What you need for nail design
What you need for nail design

The whole process of creating a nail design can be divided into two stages. The first is nail care. The second is the application of varnish, patterns and accessories.

For the first stage, you will need the following tools.

Saw blade with paper backing, abrasiveness 100/180 or 120/200. You will cut off your nails and shape them. If you just cut them with scissors or special nippers, they begin to exfoliate and become brittle.

Cuticle moisturizer. With regular care, it will not dry out, and there will be no need to remove it. Maximum - you will need to separate the cuticle from the nail.

Nail cream or wax. There are special products for strengthening and moisturizing the nail plate. Many of them are applied directly to the varnish.

For the second stage, you will need the following tools.

Base for varnish. It will protect the nail from the harmful effects of varnish and allow the latter to last longer. It should be noted here that the bases of different companies are not suitable for all varnishes. On one basis, the varnish will last a week, and on the other the next day it will crack. Here everything can be found out only by experience. For example, bases "Zinger" are "friends" with varnishes "Orly", "Sally Hansen", "Maybelline".

Nail polish. Choosing a varnish is not easy. It is necessary that it lasts a long time, does not thicken and dries quickly. Do not think that the more expensive the better. Of course, cheap varnishes are often of poor quality. But expensive ones do not always correspond to their price. The brands listed above have a great advantage over many others. In general, varnish is the basis of design. Therefore, you need to make maximum demands on it. It should be moderately liquid, lie flat and be plastic enough for the first couple of seconds to be able to design on a "wet" nail.

Top cover. It is applied to the finished design, on top of all rhinestones, paints and other things. If you apply it every couple of days, your manicure will last longer.

Drying. A product that allows the varnish to dry faster. With a multi-layered design, it is especially important. Among other things, the composition contains oil, which makes the nail slippery for a while, reducing the likelihood of "smearing" the drawing.

Varnish for design. They usually have a long, oblong tube and a long thin brush. They create drawings.

Acrylic paints. You can buy them at specialty stores or regular office supplies. They are somewhat more convenient for drawing than varnish.

Brushes. Special brushes for manicure. There are a lot of them. There are brushes of "hair" - long and thin, as a rule, three in a set, of different lengths. There is a beveled edge, fan-shaped, straight, with a sharp tip. They are all very thick and not fluffy.

Needle. A device pointed at one end and with a loop at the other. For wet nail design. Made of metal. Can be replaced with a toothpick or cuticle stick.

Dots. Tool with a ball at the end. It is used for design with acrylic paints.

Dust. Metallic powder of various colors. Analogue of glitter varnish. It is applied on an almost dry manicure with a wide brush and fixed with a clear varnish or top coat.

Accessories. Rhinestones, sequins, feathers, dried flowers, foil, mesh, broths (small colored plastic balls), sparkles add variety and shine to any design. If you don't have a nail shop nearby, you can buy all of these items or their analogues at a needlework store.

The main thing is imagination, then with the help of simple materials at hand you can make a beautiful design. You can simply paint on your nails with a gel pen and secure everything with a top coat.

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