Where To Store Nail Polishes

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Where To Store Nail Polishes
Where To Store Nail Polishes

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Nail polish is one of the most affordable accessories that can quickly add a trendy touch to your look. They can be matched to any situation or outfit. However, the owners of extensive lacquer collections have a problem - the correct storage of their treasures. Wardrobe or refrigerator shelves, dressers, bedside tables and shoe boxes - all of these methods have their pros and cons.

Where to store nail polishes
Where to store nail polishes


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Nail polishes last long enough. The main thing is to remove them away from direct sunlight and tighten the bubbles tightly after each use. However, there are other factors to consider when choosing a storage location. Your treasures must be accessible, otherwise you will hardly be able to use them often. Even closed bubbles give off a specific odor that can irritate people with a fine sense of smell. In addition, the disorderly accumulation of bottles looks very unaesthetic. When choosing a storage location, consider all these nuances.

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The most popular place to store varnishes is in drawers of dressing tables and dressers. If your collection is small, this option can be considered ideal - varnishes are always available, they are easy to sort by color, season or brand. Do not pack varnishes in boxes with lids. The best option is open baskets or drawer dividers to keep things tidy.

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The increase in the lacquer collection forces us to look for other storage places. Often, lacquer treasures are moved to wardrobes. The disadvantage of this method is the depth of the shelves. Small bottles arranged in rows make some of the varnishes inaccessible. There is a way out - put varnishes on special manicure stands made of metal or plexiglass.

Step 4

If the smell of products irritates you, open shelves are contraindicated. Buy a small dresser with tight-fitting drawers. Special lockers for documents are very good. In such a storage, you can place not only varnishes, but also manicure accessories, various coatings, design tools.

Step 5

Sort the varnishes before putting them away for storage - this will make it easier for you to navigate the collection. Divide varnishes by brand, color, or texture. It's a good idea to arrange the varnishes according to the seasons. For example, put translucent bright shades in the “summer” box, and classic red colors and varnishes with sparkles and glitter in the “winter” one. Sign the boxes or boxes to help you find the bottle you want.

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