What Foods Strengthen Nails

What Foods Strengthen Nails
What Foods Strengthen Nails

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Weak, lifeless nails are a familiar problem for many, especially in the spring.

In addition, extension procedures and nail polish do not at all contribute to the improvement of the condition of the nail plates.

How to improve nail nutrition, so to speak, from the inside? What products can significantly affect the appearance and condition of nails?

What foods strengthen nails
What foods strengthen nails

The main trace elements responsible for the condition of nails are iron, silicon, calcium, magnesium, selenium, fluorine, sulfur, zinc.

Vitamins A, B5, E and C are also vital for nail health.

Let's list the products that contain the maximum amount of essential substances.


Foods richest in iron are peas, buckwheat, beans. Regular inclusion of these foods in the diet will help prevent the development of iron deficiency and eliminate problems such as brittle nails.


Silicon is essential for healthy nails. Silicon-rich foods - horsetail, raspberries, honey.

The lack of silicon can be effectively replenished with the regular use of horsetail decoction. Horsetail herb also contains a lot of calcium.


As strange as it sounds, milk and dairy products contain not so much calcium. The main calcium supplying products are poppy seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower halva, cabbage. Nuts that contain a lot of calcium are almonds and hazelnuts.

In order for calcium to be well absorbed from food, you need to limit salt intake to a minimum, since table salt significantly interferes with the absorption of calcium.


Wheat bran is the product with the highest amount of magnesium. Also, this can include the following products: sunflower and pumpkin seeds, nuts, soy. These healthy foods must be included in your daily diet.


Selenium plays a significant role in the formation of the nail plate.

Products that contain maximum amounts of selenium: first of all, pistachios, also garlic, lard, sea fish.


The main source of fluoride is all types of fish. Fish is a product recommended for frequent, almost daily consumption.


Cheese, eggs and meat, peas and oatmeal - these products are essential for providing the body with sulfur.


Oysters - This exotic product contains phenomenal amounts of zinc. If you cannot eat oysters, eat other foods that are not as rich in zinc as oysters, but also contain zinc. These include pumpkin seeds, sprouted wheat, blueberries, mushrooms.

Vitamin A

Beef liver and cod liver are the champion foods in vitamin A. If you don't like liver, eat other foods high in vitamin A. These foods include all the familiar butter, cheese and eggs.

Vitamin B5

To get a sufficient amount of vitamin B5 from food, it is necessary to include in the diet such foods - beef liver, eggs, green peas.

Vitamin E

A fat-soluble vitamin found in sunflower oil. The content of this vitamin is also high in cottonseed, soybean and corn oil. To get this vitamin from food, it will be enough to regularly eat vegetable salads seasoned with one of these oils.

Vitamin C

The most famous vitamin that we need for health every day.

Vitamin C in maximum quantities can be obtained from rose hips, bell peppers, black currants and herbs.

If you do not forget about these products and try to constantly use them, the condition of the nails will become much better.

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