How To Make Short Nails Longer

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How To Make Short Nails Longer
How To Make Short Nails Longer

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Short nails can look really pretty. However, they upset many women. Moreover, most often they are not satisfied not so much with the length of the free edge as with the shape of the nail bed. It can be disproportionately short, which makes the hands too "childish", and any manicure - inelegant. What about those who dream of painted graceful nails? Extend them with all available means.

How to make short nails longer
How to make short nails longer

It is necessary

  • - cuticle remover;
  • - orange tree sticks;
  • - cuticle cream;
  • - strengthening base;
  • - nail polish;
  • - varnish coating.


Step 1

In the matter of lengthening the nail bed, the main thing is regularity. All the necessary procedures need to be done daily, only then in a few months you will be successful. Do not seek to solve the problem in a couple of approaches - you can seriously damage your nails, and you will need to restore them in the conditions of specialized salons.

Step 2

Make it a rule to push back the cuticles on each finger with a towel after each hand wash. Be gentle but persistent. Skin softened by water is pliable. Rub each finger from tip to hand. After that, be sure to apply an emollient cream to your hands, rubbing it with the same movements.

Step 3

Get a manicure at least once a week. Place your hands in a bowl of hot soapy water. Start processing in a few minutes. Pay special attention to the cuticle - the skin fold at the base of the nail. Arm yourself with a plastic or wooden stick with a "spatula" at the end. Move the cuticle with it, scraping it off the surface of the nail, and cut with sharp nippers so that it comes off in one thin flap. Do not cut in several steps - you may get burrs on your fingers.

Step 4

You can also try the cut-off method. In this case, the skin roll must be softened with a special agent in the form of a cream or oil. Apply it to your cuticle, wait two to three minutes, and scrape it off with an orange tree stick.

Do not use metal tools - they can seriously injure your nail.

Step 5

The absence of a cuticle will lengthen the nail plate and make it more neat. In between manicure, rub a special oil or cream into it to maintain an elastic state. This procedure is best done in the morning and evening. Massage your fingers, firmly pushing the skin at the base of the nail towards the hand.

Step 6

To strengthen your nails, make special masks weekly. The simplest is lemon. Cut the lemon in half and dig your fingertips into the pulp. Sit like this for 10-15 minutes. Rinse your hands, dry them thoroughly with a towel and massage in the cream, pushing back the cuticles.

Step 7

To make short nails appear longer, cover them with dark polish, leaving narrow stripes on the sides. Be sure to apply a healing strengthening base under the varnish. Cover them on top with a shiny layer, renewing it daily. Such a manicure will create the illusion of thin fingers with nobly elongated nails.

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