How To Glue Your Nails

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How To Glue Your Nails
How To Glue Your Nails

Video: How To Glue Your Nails

Video: How To Glue Your Nails
Video: How to Apply Glue-On Fake Nails In a Way That Actually Looks Good AND Lasts 2 Weeks or More 2023, December

False nails are very convenient to use when they are needed only for one day. If you stick them correctly, then they last about a day, and sometimes longer. The more expensive the nails are, the better the plastic and the better the glue. You need to stick them in the following way.

How to glue your nails
How to glue your nails


Step 1

Get a manicure. This is to make your nails look more natural.

Step 2

Treat your nails with nail polish remover. It will degrease the nail plate and the glued nails will last longer.

Step 3

Apply a small amount of glue to the nail itself and to the patch.

Step 4

Connect gently and hold for a few seconds.

Step 5

If the glue gets on the skin of your hands, just spread the cream on them and wait a few minutes. Then rinse and use a wooden stick to remove the glue.

Step 6

You need to shape the false nails after you have glued them. You can reduce the length, width, and also decorate them with rhinestones or other designs. It is more convenient to paint with varnish already glued nails.

Step 7

If you are going to some kind of celebration, then take glue for false nails with you, in the event that one falls off, then you can always stick it back.