Extension Of Nails At Home

Extension Of Nails At Home
Extension Of Nails At Home

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Have you admired your girlfriend's extended nails and wanted to do the same? But can't you afford to go to the salon? Do not despair, because nail extension can be done perfectly at home.

Extension of nails at home
Extension of nails at home

First, be patient and try to be very careful. Secondly, for nail extension at home, you need to purchase a special set. Thirdly, choose whether you want to grow your nails with acrylic or gel. It is better for a novice master at home to use a gel, since it spreads well over the nail surface, and the build-up is neat.

How to carry out nail extension yourself at home?

First, prepare your nails

• Do not use hand cream before building.

• Gently clean the nail around the cuticle.

• Sand the surface of the nail with a file, passing it cross-to-cross. This procedure is required, otherwise the gel will begin to flake off.

• Degrease the surface of the nail.

• Apply the gel with a brush and, using an ultraviolet lamp, dry the nails for a while.

The second stage of nail extension at home

• You can build nails at home on forms and tips. When building nails on forms, stencils are used, on which the gel is applied, and after it hardens, the forms are removed.

• If you use tips, then they are glued to the nail, then the gel is applied on top. The tips are not removed after it hardens, they remain, covering half of the surface of the nail. This type of extension can also be used for very short nails.

• Apply the gel to your nails again and dry again. This procedure can be done several times (usually 2-3 times).

• Now with a file we give the necessary shape to each nail.

• Nail polish or pattern is applied at your discretion.

Building nails at home is a long and laborious process that requires skills. But such nails will last you more than a month, and you can surprise those around you with the beauty of your well-groomed hands and receive enthusiastic compliments.

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