How Much Does Nail Extension Cost

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How Much Does Nail Extension Cost
How Much Does Nail Extension Cost

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Video: How Much Does Nail Extension Cost
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Nail extension is a very popular procedure among women. After all, it helps to simplify the process of nail care and contributes to the fact that manicure can be done once or twice a month. Despite the fact that today nail extension is produced in almost every beauty salon, the price for it remains quite high.

How much does nail extension cost
How much does nail extension cost

The price of nail extension is made up of several different factors. This is the cost of an hour of work of the master, and the price of the materials used, and the complexity of the work performed. Sometimes the cost of a manicure is also added, which has to be done before building.

Extension of nails under varnish

Extension of nails under varnish is the simplest type of extension. This is due to the fact that the nail does not have any specific design and does not require drawing, stucco molding and decorations. Only the base agent and fixing varnishes and gels are used.

It should be borne in mind that this method of building assumes that you will have to deal with nails, although less often than once every 2-3 days, but still more often than 2 times a month. This is due to the fact that the varnish can be erased and peeled off.

The cost of such a build-up ranges from 1000 to 3000, depending on the classification of the salon. The first option will be made to you in economy, the second - in a luxury salon.

Such a build-up, like any other, is of two types - gel and acrylic. You can choose any option, especially since there will not be much difference at the price - you will have to add a maximum of 100-200 rubles. for acrylic.

Build-up french

French-style nail extensions is a method no less popular than nail polish extensions. This is due to the fact that the jacket makes the legs more neat, is an ideal design for both the office and for a gala reception, and looks as noble as possible.

The jacket is performed quite easily - just a strip is drawn with acrylic paints with a brush along the tip of the nail. Alternatively, you can use acrylic as a material to create an artificial strip on your nails.

Sometimes ladies make french extensions so that the white ends are too big. It is not very beautiful anymore, and not so noble. It is advisable to maintain a sense of proportion in this matter.

Due to its demand, a jacket is quite an expensive pleasure. Building up a jacket costs from 1500 to 4500 rubles.

Extension with volumetric design

Extensions with a volumetric design, in which stucco moldings or auxiliary materials such as feathers, beads, etc. are used, are rapidly losing popularity today. This happens because ladies are more striving for naturalness. However, there are still those who remain true to this direction.

Here, with pricing, the situation is somewhat different than in the first two cases. After all, everything directly depends on the complexity of the design. So, for example, if the master displays a complex picture on the nail with a brush, it will cost more.

As a result, the cost of work on a complex design on nails varies from 2,000 to 6,000 rubles. for the procedure.

You can choose any method of nail extension and use it very successfully. But it is worth remembering that you will have to do more regular correction, which involves a complete replacement of the nail design. True, in this case, the cost of the procedure will be slightly lower.