How To Learn To Build Nails At Home

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How To Learn To Build Nails At Home
How To Learn To Build Nails At Home

Video: How To Learn To Build Nails At Home

Video: How To Learn To Build Nails At Home
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Too soft, fragile and brittle nails not only look unaesthetic - breaking off, they can cause painful wounds on the fingers. Strong and shiny artificial nails made of gel or acrylic will help improve the appearance of your hands. You don't have to go to a salon to get such plates. With the help of special tools and preparations, you will make a spectacular manicure at home.

How to learn to build nails at home
How to learn to build nails at home

It is necessary

  • - plastic transparent tips;
  • - pliers for artificial nails;
  • - UV lamp for drying;
  • - fine-grained file;
  • - disinfectant liquid for nails;
  • - dehydrator;
  • - forming gel;
  • - bonder;
  • - finishing gel;
  • - glue;
  • - a brush for applying the gel.


Step 1

You can build up your nails with acrylic or gel. Both methods have their fans and opponents. However, at home, it is gel preparations that are preferable - they are easier to work with, do not have an unpleasant pungent odor. You can buy everything you need for extension in professional stores for hairdressers.

Step 2

For beginners, an easier way to build up using tips is suitable. Choose the correct size for clear tips - ideally, they should fit the nail plate perfectly. Give the tips the desired length and shape. Most often, artificial nails are made oval, square or almond-shaped.

Step 3

Prepare everything you need for the procedure in advance. Treat the nails with a fine-grained file, push back the cuticle with a metal pusher or a wooden stick. To soften it, you can first apply a special liquid or gel to the base of the nail.

Step 4

Treat your nails with a swab soaked in disinfectant liquid. Then wipe them with a dehydrator - a composition that dries out the stratum corneum. Apply glue to the tips and attach them to your own plates. Take your time - attach one false nail first, make sure it is firmly in place, and then proceed with the next.

Step 5

After gluing all the tips, wait a few minutes. Then apply a bonder to your nails and dry it under the lamp. The drying process should not take more than 2 minutes, otherwise the nails may turn out to be brittle and fragile.

Step 6

The most important stage is the application of the forming gel. Apply it gently using a flat synthetic bristle brush. The gel should even out the difference between the artificial and natural nails, creating a smooth, shiny finish. It is important to apply the product in a sufficiently thick layer, but make sure that no bumps form on the surface of the plates. Cure the gel under the lamp.

Step 7

Peel off the sticky layer and sand your nails with a file. Then cover the plates with finishing gel and cure under the lamp for 2 minutes. A fashionable manicure is ready, with careful attention and care, it will last at least 3 weeks.