How To Do Photo Design On Nails

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How To Do Photo Design On Nails
How To Do Photo Design On Nails

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Photo design of nails is their design using stickers that have a photographic quality pattern. As a result, the sticker applied to the nail can be decorated with glitter, colored gels, pieces of foil, broths and other components for nail design. This method provides almost limitless possibilities for imagination, and also takes much less time than applying any drawing with paints.

How to do photo design on nails
How to do photo design on nails


Step 1

Photo design can be used for extension, correction of artificial nails or for manicure.Prepare the nail before applying the sticker. To do this, in the case of nail extension, apply a base coat of gel. Dry in a lamp and peel off the sticky layer, then apply white gel on the nail as a background in the place where you want the sticker to be (then the drawing will be the clearest). At the same time, a white background is not needed for the applique - it is applied only to the background the master needs.

Step 2

In the event that you apply a white gel with glitters or silvery sand, then the photo design will look shiny.

Step 3

In the case of applying a photo design with a regular manicure, apply a white background varnish exactly in the place where the sticker should be.

Step 4

Cut out a manicure-shaped sticker in the form of a rectangle or in the shape of a nail, cut the applique approximately along the contour (then, when applied to the nail, the background will not be visible). In this case, the sticker should be 1-1.5 mm less than the nail itself. If necessary, you can make several cuts to make it fit better.

Step 5

Then use a needle, sharp edge of scissors, or your own nail to separate the sticker from the backing. After that, prying the edge of the sticker, transfer it with tweezers or a needle directly to the nail. If necessary, you can dip the sticker in gel (only in case of extension) or in glue (in case of manicure), then the sticker will slide on your nail, and in this case it can be positioned where needed.

Step 6

Cover the sticker on top with a thin layer of gel (for extensions) or clear varnish (for manicure). You can also apply a layer of fixer to your manicure.

Step 7

In case of extension, after fixing the gel in the lamp, apply another thin layer of the same gel and decorate: mask the edges of the picture with sparkles or foil, and you can decorate the drawing with sparkles, feathers, broths or modeling.

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