What Tools Are Needed For Manicure

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What Tools Are Needed For Manicure
What Tools Are Needed For Manicure

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Home manicure is a great alternative to expensive salon treatments. To make it accurately and efficiently, it is important to choose the right tools. Don't skimp on them - a quality set will last for many years.

What tools are needed for manicure
What tools are needed for manicure


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A ready-made set of tools is not always the most convenient and cost-effective solution. Such a set may contain absolutely unnecessary items, while the necessary things may be lacking. The solution is simple - compose your own set, which can be replenished if necessary.

Step 2

Choose tools made from high quality materials - steel, tempered glass, ceramics, plastic foam. It is desirable that metal accessories have non-slip handles - most conveniently ribbed rubberized ones. You can easily hold such tools even in wet hands. A large selection of manicure tools can be found in specialist hairdressing stores.

Step 3

The basis of the manicure set is the tools for shaping the nails. These can be scissors, wire cutters, or files. If your nails are hard enough, it is more practical to use nail clippers. They will also help to give the plates a perfect square shape. For those who prefer rounded lines, scissors are suitable. If your nails are very soft and flaky, choose coarse-grained files that shorten the plates well.

Step 4

The set must include fine-grained files that level the edges of the nails. Today, ceramic and glass accessories are very popular, as well as professional plastic-based tools. Such files are durable, they can be disinfected in special solutions or simply washed with warm soapy water. If you've opted for inexpensive cardboard-based accessories, change them often.

Step 5

A very important tool is a metal pusher or pusher to get rid of the cuticle. Choose stainless steel accessories and keep the tool corners rounded. This shape will prevent you from getting hurt. There are devices on the market that combine the functions of a pusher and a splitter, suitable for the professional treatment of ingrown nails. A set of orange tree sticks can be purchased instead of a pusher, but keep in mind that these will need to be changed frequently.

Step 6

Those who prefer a trim manicure need miniature tweezers to remove excess skin. Choose instruments with slightly curved flat plates and a double spring - these pliers are very comfortable to work with.

Step 7

Owners of uneven plates need polishing stones. A very good option is a double-sided block that polishes your nails and gives them a dazzling shine. There are also hybrids of a polisher with a fine-abrasive file, which are convenient for traveling.

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