How To Paint Your Nails With Black Varnish

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How To Paint Your Nails With Black Varnish
How To Paint Your Nails With Black Varnish
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Black varnish is not very suitable for everyday manicure. However, when creating some images, it is simply irreplaceable. If you want to paint your nails with black varnish, consider some of the peculiarities associated with this color. On dark varnish, and especially on black, any errors are visible, so pay special attention to the manicure.

How to paint your nails with black varnish
How to paint your nails with black varnish


Step 1

Remove the old varnish. Shape your nails to the desired shape with a nail file. Please note that nails exfoliate from an iron nail file - it is better to use a glass one. Place your nails in very warm water for a short time, after adding essential oil to it. Remove the cuticle using tweezers or a cuticle softener.

Step 2

Now start applying the varnish. Wipe their surface with nail polish remover, you can simply wash your hands with soap and water, but be sure to wipe them dry. If your nails are flaking, apply a special conditioner. When not needed, use a special varnish base - it will allow the varnish to lie more evenly.

Step 3

Wait for the base to dry - otherwise you will brush it with a varnish brush. Shake the bottle of varnish thoroughly, warm it in your hands. Apply the first coat. Make only two strokes with the brush. One wide smear in the center of the nail and two - no longer dipping the brush into the bottle - along the edges, entering the first. Start painting with your little finger, and be sure to provide the hand whose nails you are painting with a reliable support - it is best to put it on the table. Wait for the first coat of varnish to dry and apply the next one in the same way. The second layer of varnish is needed to make the manicure look brighter.

Step 4

Since chips will be immediately noticeable on the black varnish, take care of its protection. Apply a special fixer over the top. It will not only prevent the polish from peeling off on the very first day, but will also give your nails a shine. You can also use transparent varnish as a fixer.

Step 5

All work will be in vain if you do not dry your nails and lubricate the varnish. Black varnish is especially picky about this - even small prints on it will be very noticeable. Try to set aside at least twenty minutes to dry your nails. A special drying will allow you to dry your nails faster. There is also a little trick - place your nails under cold water.

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