How To Do Hardware Manicure

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How To Do Hardware Manicure
How To Do Hardware Manicure

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Well-groomed and beautiful nails are an integral part of a woman's neat appearance, and therefore it is so important to be able to properly care for them. One of the effective methods of nail care is hardware unedged manicure, with which you can give damaged and deformed nails a neat and correct shape. You will learn how to properly do hardware manicure from our article.

How to do hardware manicure
How to do hardware manicure


Step 1

For hardware manicure, you will need a special apparatus with nozzles of various types, for home use, with a not too high rotation speed. Rotating, the attachments of the apparatus process your nails. Do this manicure, dry your hands thoroughly, twice a month.

Step 2

Prepare your nails for a manicure, move the cuticles with a spatula and wipe off the old varnish from the nails. Put on the machine a nozzle with a medium abrasive and smooth the lateral beads of the nails. If there are calluses on your palms, use the lowest abrasive abrasive on them.

Step 3

Give the edge of the nails the desired shape, sand their surface and polish, touching the nail with the edge of the nozzle and being careful not to scratch the nail plate. Lubricate the skin around your nails with a nourishing cream or oil, and massage your fingers.

Step 4

When using the manicure machine, observe safety precautions. Hold it in your right hand, pressing the little finger of your working hand to the palm of your hand, and handle your nails without pressing the nozzle too tightly against the plate.

Step 5

The tip should touch the nail at a 45 degree angle. Continuously move the nozzle from the center to the edge, and set the speed of rotation of the nozzles to low.

Step 6

Let your hands rest from time to time by stopping the machine, and then continue to process your nails until you have finished shaping both hands. Over time, you will improve your skill in the field of hardware manicure, and you will be able to quickly and beautifully design your nails at a high speed of rotation of the attachments.

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