How To Decorate Your Nails

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How To Decorate Your Nails
How To Decorate Your Nails

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Decorated nails look very beautiful and unusual, besides, nail design is quite an exciting experience. This is where there is room for imagination. The materials that are now on the market for nail-art allow you to create nail designs that will suit a specific occasion, style and accessories.

How to decorate your nails
How to decorate your nails


Step 1

Recently, acrylic nail design has become quite popular. Cover the nail with clear acrylic gel and let it dry. Then, using a brush and multi-colored acrylic sculpting material, create the decorative element you need: a flower, petal, symbol or shape. This method of nail design looks very impressive, but it is rather difficult to execute, therefore, in order to decorate your nails with neat and beautiful acrylic modeling, you should contact a qualified manicurist.

Step 2

One of the most common and not difficult to execute is the design of nails using painting with varnishes and acrylic paints. Painting on the nail can be done with a brush, a needle, or you can combine two techniques at once.

Step 3

Rhinestones and bugles look spectacular on nails. This design will be appropriate for an evening or festive manicure. It is not difficult to use rhinestones and bugles. Apply a base shade of varnish to the nail or create the desired pattern, let it dry, and then paint over the nail plate with a nail polish fixing agent. Until this tool has dried, carefully, using tweezers, lay out the pattern you need with rhinestones. You can also glue rhinestones and bugles on the nail using special glue.

Step 4

In addition to professional design tools, create nail-art nails with possibly unusual materials, such as lace, dried flowers, feathers, which should be prepared in advance before use. The lace should be cut according to the shape you need, the dried flower should be selected in size and color, and the feather should be disassembled into villi.

Step 5

Decorating your nails with these materials is pretty simple. Prepare your nails for applying the base polish shade. Apply the first coat of varnish, let it dry. Apply a second layer on top and then, gently, using tweezers, put the prepared material on the nail plate. Let it dry out and thereby gain a foothold on the nail. On top of the created nail-art, apply one or two coats of manicure fixing agent.

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